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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Susan Grant "Your Planet or MIne"

Just finished book one, "Your Planet or Mine?" by Susan Grant.

Nine year-old Jana Jasper wants to talk in the worst way, but can't. When she sees a glowing boy hanging from the tree next to her bedroom window, her life changes. Jana learns that magic really does exist. Sadly her visit with the boy from another world ends, but he gives her a gift, her voice, and memories of magic and possibilities.

Twenty-three years later, Jana is a smart, powerful and influential woman. She is also the youngest Senator in California state history. With her eyes focused on the White House, nothing can stop her. Well, almost nothing. When political scandal threatens the family, Jana makes a promise to her Grandfather to stay as pure and clean as virgin snow. Unbeknownst to her, that promise is going to be a little hard to keep. Jana soon finds herself hip deep in an ocean of misery with no sign of the tide pulling out. It doesn't help matters when she becomes stuck in the middle of a shoot-out with an intergalactic hit man and his target. Soon she's driving stolen cars, running from the law and falling in love with a man that looks like he stepped out of her nephew's video game. Everything she'd promised to steer clear of. Trouble.

"Take me to your leader." Cavin of Far Star has come on a mission. A mission to save a girl and the planet she loves. He just has to get her to convince the rest of the planet that the Earth is in imminent danger of invasion. There's an issue, and it's a big one. He's got one of the most dangerous assassins in the galaxy on his tail, and he's having a bit of a problem shaking him. Not only that, his bio-implants are malfunctioning and the Earth is running out of time. With an invasion force on the doorstep, and flames igniting between himself and Ms. Virgin Snow. Cavin sets a plan in motion that could destroy everything he's come to love, or maybe, just maybe, it will make true magic happen.

What can I say, I really liked this story. It wasn't about falling in love overnight, or even over the course of a month. It was a story that started in childhood with two souls from different worlds that were meant to be together, and could not forget each other. It starts with the sweet sparks of puppy love. From there, the connection only gets hotter as the book progresses.

You've got confusion and chaos, love and explosions, and that lovely little dog that thinks she's a Great Dane. "Yarp, Yarp."

A fun, sexy, read, with a Sci-Fi twist. I'd call this one a Intergalactic Fairy Tale, for big girls.
If you're in the mood for a Cinderella story, check this one out.


Laurie said...

I just got HOW TO LOSE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL IN 10 DAYS. I think Susan commented that this is the assassin's story. I may have to backtrack next and read YOUR PLANET OR MINE.

Dawn said...

Yes, that is book three. I'm surprised that they are not marked on the cover with what book they are in the trilogy.

Flick said...

I'll start at the beginning and get this first one. It sounds great. Its odd isn't it that publishers tend not to put the order of the books at the front. I wonder if its because they think we won't buy number 2 if 1 isn't there.

Dawn said...

I think as a reader, I prefer to know. It can be confusing to start with the last book. If I can't get it on the shelf, I'll order it, no biggie. A lot of my friends will do that.