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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cattle Mutilations

Okay, here's another creepy tale for Halloween time. During the 1970s I grew up on my grandfather's ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. The community is a tight group of people that have lived together since the west was settled. Ranch handed down from father to son, through the generations. It was a community where nothing odd ever happened.
But something did. One summer my father was out feeding cattle. Granddad and him started work at around 3:00 in the morning. I remember this event clearly. My father came rushing back into the house, a strange look on his face.
Granddad and my father had found something. Something strange.
Out in one of the pastures were several head of cattle. Mutilated. But it wasn't an animal that killed the livestock. It was something much scarier. Bits and pieces of them were missing, removed with lazar precision. One had its eyes removed, another its tongue.
When the authorities arrived, they took pictures and notes, but apparently this was not a singular case. One man found over 100 head of his stock, dead in the same manner.
Is it aliens? Are we being studied? Here's a scarier question... Why?
To this day, nobody knows who did it or why the livestock were mutilated. One thing is known for sure, the precision with which the organs were removed was something that would put a plastic surgeon to shame. According to the medical examiner, it wasn't possible to preform that kind of surgery in the middle of no where. Coyotes don't use scalpels.


Flick said...

oh, that is scary!!

Laurie said...

I always wondered why they say "mutilation" when it's such precise surgery. Why don't they call it USV. Unidentified Surgeon Visit. :]