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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

20 Things About Me - Flick

Twenty things about me

1. Another blonde, but after having spotted one grey hair - I now dye my locks with mixed results. I know I should read the packet but hey, what can go wrong? My nicknames – badger, skunk (purely the look!!), snowball and pinkie. Yes, that time it really did go wrong.
2. I live in Yorkshire in the UK. The largest county in England, probably the size of Laurie’s horse paddock. But I do have a great view of rolling moorland and sheep and a former lunatic asylum and sheep and an almost view of the American listening station at Menwith Hill and sheep. I love sheep. Well, not love them. You know what I mean.
3. Writing. I really do love that. I started by making up episodes of TV series with me as the heroine. You name it, I’ve been in it – Star Trek, Man from UNCLE, Hawaii 5-0. I’ve 7 completed novels, a handful of novellas and a few erotic tales. My range is from paranormal to horror but they all have a touch of romance and humor. Well, I think I’m funny. My family laugh at me all the time.
4. Success. $5 for a horror story and then – wait for it – drum roll – Ellora’s Cave offered me a contract. I said I’d think about it. Two seconds later, I’d signed. I’m going to sit back and wait for the millions to roll in.
5. Former life – a sad cautionary tale. Started off as a government inspector – spying on people trying to cheat on their taxes. A short period as a media planner in an advertising agency. I fled that at dead of night. Several years selling cyanide – mainly to Sweden – no idea why – for the largest chemical company in the UK. Grand title of export manager. There was just me in the department. Had kids. Ughghghg. Then went to work as Government Inspector, spying on teachers. I was so popular, you can’t believe. Thank goodness I married well. ( married for money anyway)
6. No I didn’t, dear. Husband is financial whiz. Met at university when he was bringing a sack of potatoes to my flat mate. Romance is his middle name. Gifts to me include – supermarket vouchers, a magic duster set and a hammer drill. He spent most of his life in the aerospace industry but now works very part time for a green energy company.
7. Two children. Daughter a lawyer. Son about to need her services. Enough said.
8. TV – never watch it, I can’t work the remote. Music – rarely listen to it but I like Robbie Williams. Films – can’t be bothered unless they are really good or feature naked hunks. Books – I ADORE. I read at least one a day. I have thousands as I can’t stand to part with them. I read at lightning speed. 70 pages in 20 minutes. That’s fast? Right?
9. What do I do all day? Write. All day if I can. Its my world and I love it. Start at 8.00 and finish late. Interspersed with journeys on the internet and satisfying needs of husband. No, not those sorts of needs. Really!! I was thinking of making coffee.
10. Worried about – possible visit from FBI. Research for one of my thrillers did involve some investigation of a decaying fetus under a boat shed. Research into plastic handcuffs brought a deluge of porn. Well, that was my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
11. I’m very tall. 5.10 and a bit. I used to be very self-conscious about my height. Now I don’t care. I’m far more worried about other bits of me.
12. I won the prize at school for ‘Good conduct and Example’ It was the worst day of my life. Well, one of them.
13. I drive a BMW Z4 convertible – lovely. Of course we can only put the roof down twice a year. This is England!
14. I spend 3 months of the year in our home in Florida. I know I’m lucky, spoiled, ruined for other men. You can stop twisting my arm now, dear.
15. I’m more long-winded than Laurie. Yippee.
16. I’m struggling now. I’m really not interesting.
Ohh, I used to write travel articles for the largest regional newspaper in the UK.
17. I don’t have any pets. I HATE hamsters. I know they’re cute but it hurts when they bite.
18. I was once kicked by a giraffe.
19. When I was once desperately thirsty - desperately - I sucked my bra. (I'd been swimming in a lake so it was a wet bra - but I was stuck up a sand dune and desperate. Really desperate)
20. I was the only one in my class to fail my cycling proficiency test.
Phew, made it.


Dawn said...

ROFL. Sucked your bra?

Laurie said...

Once kicked by a giraffe? LOL

Funny how Dawn and I pick up on different things.

Flick said...

The kids have NEVER let me forget the sucked bra. I was truly desperate. I can't tell you!
The giraffe stuck its knee through a fence at a zoo in London. Those were the days when you got up close and personal. I hit the dirt several yards away.

Dawn said...

I've been kicked by a Shetland Pony, and that hurt. Miserable little ba#$@%^&. But a giraffe. Ouch.

Laurie said...

I tend to be very wary around my horses legs. Flighty beasts, those Thoroughbreds. LOL