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Friday, October 12, 2007

Linnea Sinclair

"Gabriel's Ghost"
Okay this is one Laurie recommended. I had to wait for an order to come in at borders to get it, but now I'm holding it in my hands. Success! Looks like she's popular. They were sold out of all her books, but one, "Games of Command." I've read that one.
So it's going into the stack with Susan's. Should get to it next week, if all goes as planned. Got some catching up to do for my Black Belt recommend that will be on the 20th. The pneumonia put me a bit behind there, so I have to play catch-up with the classes. Okay, enough rambling. This book looks interesting, and might prove to have quite a unique twist from what I'm reading on the back.


Dixie said...

Another book to add to my wish list. I'm getting ready to take an on-line class with Lori Wilde on www.Ed2go.com, six weeks class. I'm an erotica and romantic suspense writer, haven't read to much lately in the SF or futuristic. Tami Hoag, Shannon K. Butcher, Lori Wilde, Lisa Scottoline, Kylie Brant, oh and one of my favorites Elizabeth Lowell, have been my latest selections, mostly for learning syles. You guys are more futuristic and SF for fun. I'm more John Sanford and Thomas Harris for fun.

Well good luck on your blog. Later.


Laurie said...

I'm surprised GAMES OF COMMAND was in stock. I really enjoyed that story, and I think it was Linnea's most recent one. THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES comes out in November. I got an ARC. :) :) Great read. But I think I told you all about that one.

I finished GABRIEL'S GHOST. Next one up in my TBR pile is FINDERS KEEPERS.

Dixie, did you read Flick's WIP Chosen when it was in the queues? That's her Romantic Suspense. Great read, lots of twists and turns. Good luck with your online class.

Dawn said...

OHHHH Dixie, I've got a writer for you. Donna Kauffman and "The Black Sheep and the Princess." I was fanning myself on that one. A damn good author, engaging story. A must read.

Dawn said...

Tomas Harris? As in Hannibul Rising? LOL
A great anti-hero story.

Dixie said...

Yes, I read chosen, tried to crit, but got caught up in it toward the end and just read for the pleasure of reading it.

I was wondering, Flick, did you submit it?

Yes, Thomas Harris as in Hannibal Rising, Hannibal, and Silence of the Lambs, my favorite.

I'll difinitely grab the Black Sheep and the Princess, Dawn. Sounds like my kind of reading and writing.

By the way I just finished watching Eragon. Great movie. If I know anything about fantasy and dragons. I liked it.


Flick said...

No, I didn't submit Chosen. It needs work and I got side tracked. Dixie, I've read all those on your list but not Shannon Butcher. I hadn't heard of her.I saw Hannibal Rising in the bookshop last week and I've read all the others but as I saw the film of this, I was less inclined to buy it. I'd usually rather read the book than watch the film but Gaspard Ulliel - - who plays Hannibal is exactly the face I want for Charlie in my story 'Strangers'.

Dixie said...

You're an avid reader too. Sounds like all three of you are.

I go in spurts. Oh, Shannon K. Butcher is Jim Butcher's wife. Look him up on line. He writes the kind of stuff that Kim Harrison writes. Witches, etc.

I've also read Kim Harrison, Linda Fairstein, Edna Buchanon, Patricia Cornwell. Everything of Elizabeth Peters, Barbara Michaels, Laurell K. Hamilton. Hmmm, I guess I have read some futuristic, fantasy and paranormal after all. I hit 100 books one year, but then got interested in writing and slowed down. Now am reading Black Hawk Down for research for my nanowrimo novel.

I prefer reading the novel over seeing the movie too, except for the Star Trek Movies, especially the first one with the Wrath of Khan, I saw it when they first came out with the surround sound, my seat actually vibrated when Enterprise backed out of the docking bay. Most awesome thing I ever sat through. I'm a trekkie anyway and when that happened goosebumps rose up on my arms. Took my breath away. Well I've rambled on, need to work on my outline for nanowrimo. Later.


Dawn said...

Hey Dixie,
Try Karen Marie Moning.
Jim Butcher is a personal Favorite of mine. I love his Dresden Files series. Harry Dresden is a Paranormal gumshoe, solving supernatural crimes in the Chicago area. He's the only wizard in the phone book. If you want to know how hooks and hangers should look. Open any of his books and turn to the first page. My personal favorite is "Dead Beat" Love the opener.

Goshabyn said...

I've read one of his Harry Dresden Files books, I'll have to see if my daughter still has it, I'll take a look at the front page, its been so long ago, I forgot I'd read one of his wizard books with the female cop he likes.

I'll check out Karen Marie Moning too. Thanks.