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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just some thoughts.

I've been working on a story called "An Alien's Guide to Abducting a Bride." From the start, I wanted a Science Fictionish, steamy romance. But this story, much like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, has taken on a life of its own. It seems to have gone Urban Fantasy, well not completely and it's more comic than romance. I've got amore, but not as intense as I wanted.
Recently, when I had vacation, I hit a wall. Chapter 18, to be specific.
I couldn't go forward. I tried. I wrote two chapters ahead. That didn't work. A nice chapter, but it still didn't get me anywhere with 18. I tweaked prior chapters, played video games, read books, chatted with friends, even worked on a story I'd buried under the bed. I tortured and twisted, and put the juice to it, but it just wouldn't get off the lab table. No matter what I tried, I couldn't write the next chapter, or even come up with the first sentence.
Then the other day, now that vacation is over, I scrapped a good chunk of the chapter before it and took it in a different direction. "It's Alive!"
What amazes me is that I'm supposed to be the one in control of this thing...
It has other ideas on the matter.
So, I have to ask. How many Dr. Frankensteins have we got out there?


Flick said...

You're been taken over, Dawn. It's downhill from now on. You'll worry when you meet a guy called Darius won't you! Is your middle name Elizabeth?

Dawn said...

I'm named after my father. His name is Larry. LOL
Argh. Does it hurt much?

Dawn said...

Is resistance futile? He he.

Laurie said...

LOL Dawn, resistance is futile when your characters take over.

Remember that chapter my male MC commandeered and wrote his way? I hated it. My critters loved it. Nothing like finding out my characters are better writers than I am. LOL

But yes, to answer your question, I think Frankenstories are pretty normal. Sometimes your muse has to take a few detours into the woods before finding the best path to follow. No worries.

Now once you're published and working under a deadline...then it gets more troublesome. lOL

Dawn said...
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