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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Phantom dogs, steeds and the last ride.

I tried to see if I could find phantom sheep. Sorry Flick, but I couldn't find so much as a ghost Shepard and his herd. What's up with that?

In 1006, the Battle of Hastings resulted in a rather interesting haunting. In October every year in Sussex on the anniversary of the battle, a phantom knight on horseback appears. Other figures are said to make their appearance there as well.
One other interesting fact about this haunting - the ground is said to bleed after a storm.
Hey it’s October. Up for a little site-seeing?

Then we have this little peach - the black hound, otherwise known as the phantom hound. Seen mostly in the United Kingdom, but on occasion these little beauties have been spotted in several countries, including the United States. Some say they are harbingers of death, others a warning of a tragic event about to unfold. Sometimes, it is said, they bring good fortune to those that see them. They have been known to chase people from cemeteries, playfully follow hikers and stop people in their tracks on roads with glowing red eyes.
No one is sure of the origins, but the appearances go back to Medieval times, perhaps even earlier, originating with the Germanic tribes of Europe. Which makes perfect sense. They also have a legend of a black phantom horse, that if a farmer found it and hooked it to his plow, the horse would drag him over a cliff and down to hell.

Speaking of last rides...
Here's a couple of beauties that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
Professor James had this experience in Provo Utah. As he approached a train crossing, he heard a whistle blow twice. Normally you hear the clack of the tracks and the chugging of the engine, but strangely he did not. His vehicle stalled. He rolled down the windows and still couldn't hear the train, but he could see it the bright light as it roared towards him. As it got closer, the sounds came with it. Then the screeching of metal, noises so horrible he covered his ears to block them out.
Just as the train was about to hit his car, he closed his eyes, sure that he would die. However the shrieking metal and sounds of a derailing train, the light, the phantom image, all passed through him and his car, leaving it in one piece, and the Professor in desperate need of a change of shorts.

In Badby, Northamptonshire woods, a woman is often seen riding along on a horse. Legend says that she was either going to, or coming from a rendezvous with a lover. Somewhere along the way, her cheating caught up with her, as well as her husband and she was murdered for her adultery. She is said to be seen many times a year, reliving her last mortal ride.


Flick said...

How come all this happens in the UK? I've never seen anything spooky - mind you, I never leave the house. I'm locked in the cellar. With my laptop. And George.

Laurie said...

Eww, perfect topic for pre-Halloween.

Did you hear about the woman in Texas who claimed she caught a Chupacabra (though most people said it looked like a mutated dog)? I'll have to see if I can scare that article up.

Oh, and Flick...release George! He needs to spend some time in my cellar. Oh wait. I don't have one. :/

Flick said...

Nope, sorry, George stays with me. But I'll release him for a goodlooking cowboy. With hair. And own teeth. Not picky. Er - he has to have dark hair, long fingers, long eyelashes, long legs. Stop there. And he has to worship the ground I walk on, do the shopping, wash the car, support my writing, let me experiment on him (in the nicest possible way) and kiss like an angel. Arrhhgh - I'm in meltdown. Do any such men exist? George will do.

Dawn said...