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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Haunted Places: The Queen Mary

Several years ago I went to a training event in Long Beach, California and was housed aboard the former luxury cruise ship The Queen Mary, now a floating hotel. This "Ghost Ship" has a history of hauntings including phantom swimmers and wet footprints beside a long-drained swimming pool, a ghostly woman who roams the ship, the sounds of screams and scraping metal, and sightings of a man who was once crushed by a watertight door. (We had a couple of odd happenings ourselves while on board.)

The Queen Mary is larger than the Titanic. She's so big that when you look down her corridors, you can see the how the deck is curved downward from bow to midship and back up again to the stern. She has several restaurants and bars onboard, and hosts a massive Sunday Brunch in the grand ballroom that I believe is the single largest room ever built inside a ship. There's also an onboard shopping mall, a large museum below decks, and a "Ghost Ship" tour that takes groups to some of the haunted locations and recreates spectral visits with special effects.


Every Halloween, The Queen Mary hosts a bash called the Shipwreck Halloween Terror Fest. This year will be the 13th Annual Shipwreck. One of these years, I hope to make it to the party.



Dawn said...

The Queen Mary is facinating. I've always wanted to take a tour of her. I'm trying to get a picture my brother took. He thought it was the old foundation of a house. Turns out it was an old mine that was sealed off that collapsed. He took the picture with a digital camera and there was nothing odd when he did it. When he went back and down loaded to the computer the piture has red fog with around 13 or 14 faces in it. You can see the mouths the noses the eye sockets. It's the freakiest thing I've seen. Oh, the photographing cemetaries and old ruins is my brother's creepy hobby. He's gotten some really weird stuff over the years, but that one photo is the prize-winner.

Laurie said...

Eww...eerie. Can you post that pic?

You'd love the Queen Mary, Dawn. After David and I had a bizarre experience with a possessed elevator, our group decided to set off on a Ghost Hunt of our own the next night. We even filmed our exploits with a mini-cam. We roamed the ship for hours and wandered into some very creepy places--and one cheerful security guard who was quite entertained by our quest--but *sigh* no ghost sightings. Not even another possessed elevator.

Dawn said...

Trying to get him to send it to me. He's pretty possesive of his ghost pix. But I've been nagging him for two years now. It's freaky. Really freaky.