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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some unusual creatures of legend.

In the spirit of Halloween and things that go bump in the night, I have decided to list a few of my favorite creatures of horror. I'll try to list one a day. Some will be creatures you recognize, and others you may never have heard of...

To kick this party off, I'm starting with one of my personal favorites, the Ilimu.

In 1996 Hollywood came out with a movie called "The Ghost And The Darkness." What you may not know about this movie, is that the story is deeply rooted in truth,and the lions in question suspected Ilimu.

In 1898, two lions in Uganda killed, or were suspected of killing over 130 people who were involved in building a bridge across the river Tsavo.

The lions seemed to possess an inhuman intelligence. They used deceit and tactics that were more human than lion, to hunt and stalk their prey. This nature had never been witnessed in lions before. When tracked back to their cave, it was discovered they had been killing longer than thought, that the bridge workers were just the tip of the iceberg. Even more creepy, they did it for sport. For the pleasure of the kill, not for food to fill their bellies.

The people of Africa have a legend, a creature that appears in many nations, Ghana and Uganda included. This creature adopts human form, insinuates itself into a village as a helpless child, or perhaps a beggar. It will deceive those around, and gain an invitation into their victim's homes. Then, once inside the dwelling, the creature slaughters the entire family. Only a village medicine man can uncover the identity of these creatures in a community. Upon discovery, the creature will revert back to its original form and flee. Since it is a demon, it will keep the abilities and nature of the animal it possesses. Often hunting in this form alone.

In the case of the movie "The Ghost And The Darkness." They were lions, never adopting human form.


Laurie said...

Very creepy. I saw these lions on display at the Fields Museum in Chicago (stuffed of course) and knew the real life tale, but I hadn't heard the legend part of it. Gives me chills.

Flick said...

ohh, it reminds me of the sheep on the moor near me that are kept in palce by cattle grids. Only one day the sheep appeared in the town centre - outside the bank. They'd discovered they could roll over the cattle grid! Then they attacked all the towns people and chomped them to death. No, sorry, I got carried away. The first bit was true though

Dawn said...

LOL. You really have this thing with sheep, don't you?

Laurie said...

Yep. Those attack sheep keep finding their way into her stories, too. hehe