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Sunday, October 7, 2007


Have you read any of her 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' novels? I'd seen the hype and bought the first book - Dark Lover. I wasn't very keen and it was for an odd reason. I hated the names of the characters - Wrath, Tohrment, Rhage, Zadist, Vishous, Phury etc with the baddies as O and X. But it seemed such a petty reason to dislike something I bought another two - 'Lover Revealed' and 'Lover Awakened' - never say I'm not a glutton for punishment. The names still annoy me but the characters have grown on me and it occured to me that handling a largish cast of players in a story is a bit of an issue as far as names are concerned. Ordinary names - as her females generally have - would have been wrong and confusing. Tom, Dick and Harry just don't work. Names like Revik, Goran, Kiril are too easily confused and ultimately forgettable. The names she's chosen DO fit the characters but its the corruption of the spelling that throws me. I actually thought the books were going to be funny! They're not.

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Dawn said...

No I haven't. Sometimes keeping it simple can be the best thing. I've been told on a couple of my character names OrXian or Orian, just to spell it the way it's spelled and not get fancy. Since I only do it with a couple of characters, I've decided to keep it like it is.
But I can understand how something like Zoobu could get really annoying. I like sexy names in romance, when I'm too busy trying to figure out how they are pronouced it tends to annoy me. Perhaps I should rethink the name thing.