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Friday, October 12, 2007


Having just failed to get anywhere in another competition - why do I bother- I noted something odd about the shortlist of winners. Out of 5 winners- 4 were in their early twenties and 1 was in her early thirties. We had to put our age on the entry form and at the time I thought - why does it matter. Husband said don't tell them you're 93, lie. No, said I, I'll tell the truth because it would be just my luck to win and then find I was disqualified. But it does seem suspicious to me. Why does it matter how old we are?

ohh - just in case George Clooney!!


Dawn said...

Can they ask your age? Isn't that like asking your race or your religous preference. What has your age got to do with if you can make a book smoke between the covers?
Maybe the judge had one genre they prefered over another. Hard to say, but I would think that wasn't an important element for a contest application. Contests can be so political. I think your writing is fantastic Flick, and if they snubbed because of your age, they don't know what they are missing.
Their loss.

Laurie said...

I'm with you, Flick. What does a writer's age have to do with their entry? I can see why they might need to ask if you're a minor or not, but specific age doesn't seem necessary and shouldn't have any bearing.

Yeah, I'd be suspicious about that, too. I probably wouldn't enter, but I'm stubborn that way.

Dixie said...

Oh Flick,
I can so relate to this. Being a 65 year old woman I originally wrote Landmark Day with the MC celebrating her 65th birthday, and not at all happy about it. I sold it to a publisher who first asked me to lower the age to at least the early 40's. I eventually agreed because they wanted to publish it. Later the same day they came back and said never mind they were going to go with it the way it was. Shocked me. I have sense re-written it and lowered the age to 50 I figured that was probably more believable for an erotic story. But other 65 year old women could have very easily related to the story.