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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reads for the week.

Ah, payday. You know what that means? A trip to borders and some new books in my pile. I've been watching out for Karen Marie Moning's new book, but haven't seen it. Had my eye out for Jim Butcher's new Dresden Files book, haven't seen it yet either. Jim's books are a must. An addiction of mine. He really needs to hurry. Going into withdrawal.

So I took my time, walked around and found a couple of books that look interesting.
First off, I've got Karen Kelley's book "Double Dating with the Dead." You know how I like comic romance and this one looks like it just might be what I'm looking for.

The next is a book by Kathleen Nance called "Phoenix Unrisen." Love the cover art on this one. It's what got my attention and sold the book. Okay, call me shallow. I made a decision based on the cover art. But if you think other readers don't, you're sadly mistaken.

I haven't read either of these authors, so this should be interesting.

And here's one of Laurie's recommendations. I picked up Linnea Sinclair's book called "Gabriel's Ghost." Her comments had me wanting to dig right in.

Last but not least...
What would a pile be without a little Anne Rice? Going back and reading some of the older favorites. Studying them for what I liked and what I didn't. So, for this weeks pick of Anne, I've got "Servant of the Bones."


Flick said...

Servant of the Bones? Let me know what that's like! I've read a load of hers. She's a clever lady! I tried to get a Jim Butcher one last week but where abouts are they in the shops - under fantasy??

Laurie said...

We could have used your commentary on Toasted Scimitar during out cover art topic of the week. :) Can you post a pic of the cover?

Dawn said...

Science Fiction, even though he is Urban Fantasy. I love Jim Butcher's humor. His openers and closers are great.

Dawn said...

Not sure where to get a picture of the cover by Kathleen has a chat page and a site, where you can see her stuff and talk to her. Here are the links. I like the art because it's not run of the mill, it's different I like the use of negative space that gives the cover a supernatural feel. I love when an artist uses light to create a feeling of depth. This one did. www.kathleennance.com

www.kathleennance.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi This is the message board.