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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Q - How much planning do you do before you start writing?

Do you create character charts? Do you work out the plot - start to finish? Do you run a time line? Do you know how the story will end?

My answer - no, no, yes, sort of - sometimes.
I have the germ of an idea and just run with it. Only on one or two occasions have I given up a story I started because I couldn't find a way to continue. They develop a life of their own as I write.


Dawn said...

I've never seen an outline.
I've beat myself up multiple times for it, then gave up. I'm not someone who can sit still long enough to lay out an entire story. Planning ahead isn't one of my strengths. I start the story with an idea in my head and the beginning and the end. Everything else develops as I go. If you've read my stories, then you'll understand some of the bizarre elements my muse spins out of thin air.
Sometimes I listen to a song, and I visualize a particular character. That happened with AG. I was listening to ACDC and just had to write Darius.
Saevus was created from "Wicked Game"

Laurie said...

I can't write from outline. I used to sit down and start typing and a story would form. Now I'm sometimes more organized and deliberate in how I go about it. I do what I call a plotline. It maps out the plot (in very vague terms) and often includes snippets of scenes, dialogue, or other notes. I like to stay flexible so the creative process can add surprising twists and turns.

When I'm inspired about an idea, though, I go back to my spontaneous creation method.

Arlene said...

Outlines might make life easier, I've yet to try one. The characters seem to do whatever they so please, and following a guide line seems impossible. It really sucks when you feel you have no control, but then again, chaotic 'who cares its not on the map' brings you to some real unqiue places.