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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh My....We Missed a Major Landmark!

Take it to the Stars has achieved a major landmark!


2,000 hits!
tra la la la laaaaa


For a young blog, I'd say that's quite an accomplishment.

So...I know we've got readers out there. Feel free to chime in on any of our topics. You are most coordially invited. Unlike The View (as per our comparison in the blog description above), we invite, encourage and enjoy audience participation. Even hecklers. Hey, it worked for the Muppets, didn't it? (But beware. Our Co-Blogger From Hell, Bunny, may make her presence known if you get too roudy, and she weilds a wicked pitchfork. :) )


Dawn said...

Oh yes. I've gotten a new pitchfork on winter clearance. Ebony handle. Very light and well balanced. Goes well with that fondue set I got as a gift during the holidays.
Very chic.

Flick said...

husband says - that's 400 times each then!

Laurie said...

LOL Flick, yes, except I *think* I set that counter to only show other than author visits. I'll see if I can check that.