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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Make Sure I'm Not in the Lead

My First 'Not a Comment':

Blog: Maintain or add content to a website. Intimidating. Might as well be up on stage giving a speech, but no shot of vodka makes it easier. The words once blogged are always out there...kind of like being published. How exciting! No hook, synopsis nightmare. Yes, I like this!

Writer: One who creates written word. Fill that whiteness. Characters perform or they get tortured-killer, and never get the girl-boy-alien, once their creator hits the delete key. Yes, I like this!

From grandparents to pre-schoolers, cell phones fill the air. Personal websites connect us in ways I never would have imagined as a child sitting in an apple tree, hiding from siblings and chores, reading classic and cartoons.

The world is smaller, yet expanding so vast with endless creations for everyone to share. Multitudes of universes created by authors everywhere, pictures and audio posted for anyone with connection to enjoy or rant about. Yep, interesting times.

Yet, I can't get over the little things. Despite being shown, oh I say twice, he'll say 18 times by my son how to lose that stupid little icon thing in the corner of the cell screen saying I missed a call, its bugging me on my phone now.

And now the next step to master without asking for direction, it seems too silly, is how to post. So, I'm messing around, driving aimlessly.

Laurie, if this shows, remember your meds. You keep thinking I'm real, but I'm only the drop-dead gorgeous heroine in your latest WIP (work in progress for the acronym challenged) so, delete me! Yes, able to be deleted, I like this!

Here's to losing chunks of time, writing unreality into concrete form.

Take: A manner of getting something into ones possession or control. Aggressive
It: A cousin in the Adam's family. Silly
To: Denoting a motion toward. Literal
The: He hung on a T. Visual
Stars: Massive luminous balls of ionized gas. Wondrous--I love these times we life in.


Laurie said...

LOL Arlene. I really enjoyed your post, delivered in a voice that is uniquely you. You have such a fresh take on everything. Welcome to blogdom! :) (Yes, posting is a bit intimidating at first, but it gets more routine with time.)

Flick said...

Hee hee. Life- but not as we know it. I don't have a cell phone. I'm technically incapable of using one. Each time I've picked up husband's, son's, daughter's - I've cut off the caller. So little icons in the corner would defeat me. Of course, I have washed two in the washing machine. YThat getws rid of the icons just fine.

Dawn said...

Yup, ditto on the cell phone, my kid has one and texts. I thought Acronyms were confusing. Dropping them and having them get run over by a car will also take care of the obnoxious little "you have voice mail" icons.
Can't they all see it? The goverment it brainwashing us with low frequency waves. 6.6 billion people on Earth, as of 2006 3 Billion cell phones. Damn. Wheres my foil hat... He he.