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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Excitement mounts

Well, I am getting very excited about the issue of my first book - well ebook but I live in hope that it might make it into print one day. It's due out on the 30th April. Ellora's Cave have it in their upcoming section. www.ellorascave.com Their magazine www.ladyjaided.com has me featured as one of four new writers. I've used my own name - Barbara Elsborg -if this comes back to haunt me, I'm changing my name to Hillary Clinton. That seems fairly anonymous, right?

The book - for the two people in the world who don't know - is called "Perfect Timing". It's racy, it's erotic and it's fun. Well, better blow my own trumpet a little. That will do. It hurts my cheeks.

I'd also like to say thank you to anyone that helped critique this story, you know who you are. I'd like to thank my editor Carole Genz for her time and patience with a new author, I'd like to thank my husband for doing the shopping and volunteering for erotic research - won't tell which offer I accepted, and I'd like to thank my lucky stars that I finally, finally made it into - sort of -print. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Ooh, thanks to the cover artist too. I really like the cover!!


Dawn said...

Oh, so excited for you, Barbara.
You deserve it.

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Congratulations mum, I'm really proud of you! I'll be sure to buy myself a copy, though I might need something to steel my nerves before I read it! I really liked the other books of yours that I've read so i'm sure it'll be really enjoyable! :)

n.b. Sorry for deleting the comment first time over, I spotted a grammatical error in it.

Arlene said...

Excited. Happy. Proud. And honored to know you. Barbara, you're soaring. Thanks for sharing the ride with the world.

Laurie said...

Barbara, I think we're all as excited as you are about this success. Well, almost. We've enjoyed this journey with you more than you'll ever know. :)

Wow, Take it to the Stars now will have a published author amongst its co-bloggers. Think we're not going to be shouting that from the rooftops? :)

Emily said...

Barbara, we are so happy about your book and look forward to reading it. I'm sure I will stay up all night reading it. I know you have a sense of humor and now I will be able to see a different side of you. We will be sure to pass the word around. Congratulations.

Flick said...

Oh help - a different side of me! Well, yes this is. I'm beginning to think Hillary Clinton would have been the ideal name.
Thanks for all your support, guys!