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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Double Dating with the Dead.

As promised I'll try to post a couple of reviews of books I mentioned. The first on my list is a book by Karen Kelley called Double Dating with the Dead.

Trent Sanders writes books. He writes books that disprove the supernatural and uncover scams. After a very public verbal attack on Selena James, a local phychic, who claims to talk to ghosts, Trent finds himself challenged to prove her wrong. Since ghosts don't exist, this should be easy. Right?

Not being one to back down from free publicity, Trent takes her up on her offer and finds himself staying in an Inn for two weeks, that as legend goes, is haunted. Trent has a plan, get in, get evidence that Ms James is a con, and write a book on her. Problem is, since he set eyes on her, there's only one thing he's thinking about and it isn't his writing.

Selena James isn't why sure why she showed up. After all, it was her mother who posted the challenge in the newspaper. If she fails to show Trent the error of his ways, it will mean her career.

From the moment she meets Trent, sparks are flying and the ghosts are acting up. One even pinches Trent on the rear and Selena finds herself getting the blame. To make matters worse, in a heated discussion with the very sexy Trent Sanders, Selena makes a bet. The stakes, a night in his bed if she can't prove the existence of ghosts.

This was a fun read. You feel the heat between the two characters from the moment they meet and it continues to escalate from there. You've got kooky families, cynical ghosts who would love nothing more than to hijack a host's body and participate in a little hanky-panky, and two people that couldn't be at more opposite views.

A shorter story, that is perfect for curling up with on a cold winter night.


Flick said...

This is a Brava book, the imprint I'd loooovvveee to write for. I haven't read this one but I'll keep an eye out for it. Their competition for 750 words on 'Reunited Lovers' is the one I'm in. Results after the 15th. Should I hold my breath?

Dawn said...

I think you have a good shot. I saw that it was Brava, this book. I think you are a better writer than the author of Double Dating with the Dead. So have you got your queries out yet?