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Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Monday... Again.

Monday. Ah, lovely Monday. Can I go back to bed and sleep through it?
After a weekend of doing absolutely nothing productive, and I mean absolutely, the week had to go and start all over again. The nerve of it.

I've got lots to do. Just lacking the energy to do it. I need to Christmas shop. I promised myself this year, I wouldn't be that person in the stores on Christmas Eve, scrambling to finish my shopping. But why should I break tradition?

I have three paintings to do. One commissioned piece of some Min-Pins, that I have been procrastinating on. I have two rewrites to do, a house to clean, and I'd better get my butt to Black Belt Prep before my Sensei kicks me square in it.

You know how they say "s*%$ rolls down hill?" Well, it's so true. I had to take my oldest son to the eye doctor twice last week, and again this week on Thursday. It's been bothering me a bit. He's lost the vision in his left eye, and though I've been assured that the medicine they've given him should correct it, it hasn't changed. Worse yet, he has this corneal condition in both eyes and the blindness hit over a weekend. It's that fast. A scary thought that he might have the same thing go wrong with the other... With that on my mind and the stress from the holidays coming on, I just can't seem to focus.

And don't get me started on the rewrites... Argh. Chapter 1 from AG is killing me.
Anyway, I couldn't let you start the week without a Monday rant. Taking a deep breath and facing the day. Illegitimi NonCarborundum, baby!
Yeah, or something like that.


Flick said...

Ohh, scary on the eyes. Hope all is OK. My day started with no internet. I switched router off and on, same with computer, blew on the connections, found the reset button, pressed it umpteen times, swore a lot, drove to Computer shop who suggested reinstalling, drove back, couldn't do that, sent husband to shop, he came back with new router, tried to connect it, swore a lot, yelled at son over phone for messing up computer ( as he was 150 miles away that was quite a feat), I read the instructions more carefully and voila - after several hours and lost tempers we are on line again!

Laurie said...

OMG Dawn. That's so scary on the sudden eye malady. Hope everything is right again soon. I had a brief bout with vision problems after my lasix surgery--couldn't see near or far for a few minutes and it was very scary. Just part of the healing process though.

Sorry to hear about your puter probs, Flick. As you know I've beent here and done that.

I'll spare you another rant. Did enough of that on CC and Spacefreighters already. :/

OK....getting to work.