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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another trip to Borders.

Three day weekend, Yahoo!
Lot's to do and very little motivation to do it. So I got out of the house for a bit and took a trip to my favorite bookstore, Borders.
I found a couple of books I simply couldn't live without. With a lighter spirit and pocketbook, I took my treasures home.
The first book is by a writer, who I've seen a lot of but haven't read. Eternal Love by Maggie Shayne. The cover on this one is beautiful and has an ethereal quality to it.
The next is a research book with lots of good stuff on autopsies and crime scene investigation. The author is Lee Lofland and the title is Police Procedure & Investigation. Written by a former police detective with lots of experience in major felony cases, this one has proved most interesting. A good book for your research shelf.
I happened to notice Karen Marie Moning's new book Blood Fever is on the shelves. In hardcover. Grrrr.
I normally don't have issues with hardcover if I really, really, really like the writer's work, like Jim Butcher. He never disappoints me and for a matter of fact, I wish I could get all of his books in hardcover, because I will read them more than once and I collect them.
Besides, it's that time of year, when I torture my teenagers by reading to them before school. Life moves so fast, and reading to them in the morning is my way of grabbing some of that time and making it matter. I make a big breakfast, and read a chapter to them. You get eye rolling and snippy comments, but eventually, even though they try to hide it, sparks of interest show in their eyes. They hate me for it now, but they will thank me later. We've read King Kong, The Hobbit, and 1776. Each book has given me time with my children without the television, without the computer or video games. It has given me time with them. If you haven't done this, I highly recommend it. Go ahead, torture your teenagers.
Hmmm got off track a bit. Back to hardcovers...
Karen let me down a bit on the last book, Dark Fever. It's the first book I've read of hers where she wrote in first person, and I really didn't care for it much. I like her third person style much better.
The rest of her books are quite yummy, but this last one felt very impersonal. So guess what? I'll wait for paperback. Sorry Karen, but my $22.00 is better spent on a nice research book about autopsies. Wonder if my kids might like that. Hmmmm


Flick said...

i hope your kids DO thank you for it later. It sounds a great idea. I wonder where I slipped up with one of mine. (Just so happens to be the son) This week - total so far - one lost cell phone (the second time in 3 months), one car driven to death (brakes, clutch etc so much wrong the mechanic said don't drive it home)which means he has no means of transport and now his new ipod is broken. I wish he could sit still long enough for me to read to him.

Dawn said...

Mine don't have a choice. If they want the ride to school, they have to sit and listen. LOL
I need the time with them as much as they do with me. My oldest lost his driver's licence for 20 days for speeding, so you could say I have a captive audience.
Fixing a breakfast helps, gets them around the table and I send them to school with something more than cereal in their stomachs. With boys they tend to gravitate towards food anyway. Teenage boys are like locusts.

Laurie said...

That's a great tradition you started, Dawn. More people should read to their kids. You're right that it's the time spent with them that's important, but having them develop an understanding of the value of reading is a good thing, too. :)

Dawn said...

My love of reading, developed the same way. My mother did the same thing. The first book she read to my brother, sister and I was The Hobbit. Because of that, I've always had a love for reading, and it's probably why I love to write. The creative minds of our youth are used so infrequently these days.
They have turned to a world where entertainment comes in a box with a screen. No thought required.

Lee Lofland said...

Hi Dawn. Thanks so much for picking up a copy of my book. I hope you find it enjoyable.

Lee Lofland