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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Q & A: Question 1

Since we now have a new co-blogger, I thought I'd kick off a Q and A series about our work. It's always fun to take a step back from the keyboard and do a little self-analysis of what and why we write.

So...first question.

Q: Which of your WIPs (Works in Progress) is your favorite and why?


Dawn said...

Hands down, the one with Zoe and Malachi. I relate to Zoe, since she is a soldier. I also love the other world elements that allow me to flex my creative muscle. This story is full of off the wall details I love to throw at readers. Not as humorous as AG, but it gives me a chance to get dark and serious, which I love to do. A good example of that is the story with Dante. The only story I've written an anti-hero. Dark, dark, dark.

Arlene said...

No debate for me either, it would be book four still in my head. Demoted Energy hasnt seen the light (te he) of the keyboard, and it may be ten more years before it does. What about you, Laurie?

Flick said...

Can we count things we've finished but haven't got published? Oh that would be everything then!
The best thing wot I rote - my story that starts with the suicide attempt. It makes me cry every time I read it. Charlie is so cruel to Kate and yet he is such a sweet guy - you have to forgive him.
If you want WIPs that are really just jottings and a few chapters - I really like the one I started about a summer camp for werewolves, vampires and shapeshifters. I had to make up a new origin for each of them - how the first vampire came about and that was huge fun.

Laurie said...

Flick, oh yes, we must count unpublished work. LOL

It's tough for me to name a favorite. It's like deciding which is your favorite child. (Which is a bad comparison for me since I'm of the No Kids crowd.) Usually my favorite is whatever novel I'm working on at the time.
My novels are all such very different stories, even though they're all Sci Fi Roms.

If I was told I could publish only one, I think it would be Draxis. (Provided of course I was asked once Draxis is market ready. If before, then I'd have to give the nod to P2PC, which is being marketed now.) And of course, now I'm realizing Planets probably is the most timely with its message about current day events (and where we may be in thirty years if we don't change our evil ways).

Was that an answer? LOL