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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Q & A: Question #4: Why Did You Choose Your Genre?

How and why did you end up writing in your particular genre(s)/sub-genre(s)? What or who inspired you? Why do you consider it your specialty?


Arlene said...

To be honest, a desire not to bring a shotgun to work as a means of handling the boredom got me started.
And what poured into notebooks, well that's a no brainer. The real world's been done to death.

Laurie said...

You mean you're not supposed to bring a shotgun to work? Oh, wait. I don't do that job anymore. ;)

I couldn't agree more with your comment: The real world's been done to death. I guess that's why I can't/don't/have little interest in writing Contemporary Romances.

Dawn said...

I was one of those geeks with a pile of books, usually six or more in my arms and every single got cracked open and read at least once since the sun rose. I was a child that sat and daydreamed. I often missed what the teacher said in class, or what others would be saying to me as my mind wandered away to other worlds. I loved fantasy, everything, knights, maidens and dragons. My mother read The Hobbit every morning to my sister, brother and I, around the table before we'd go off to school. Some of my fondest memories sprang from those moments.
My love for Science Fiction came from the grand release of Star Wars to theaters when I was a child. Never had the world seen anything like it. And it added fuel to an already overactive imagination. Every girl wanted to be Princess Leigha and every boy Luke Skywalker. As I got older, romance found my heart and I couldn't get enough of the love stories. I especially loved the pirates. I guess my choice of genre stems from my love of a romantic tale, told from daydream inspired worlds that were fueled by a galaxy far, far, away.

Laurie said...

Oh Dawn, love that. It's not just a love for our genre we share. As I mentioned in my 20 Things About Me, I have a poster on my office wall entitled: Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Star Wars. It's scary how true that is.

I've always written, since I could put pen to paper and form words. When I was young, I was a member of the Science Fiction Book Club and read every featured novel with relish. I think that's when my Sci-Fi mind got in gear. I cut my teeth on Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders series, which blended Fantasy and Sci-Fi into such an imaginative format. By the time Star Wars came out I was a teenager and I was completely dazzled by a movie that showed in brilliant technicolor the kind of stories that had been flying around in my head for years. I sat, wide-eyed and stared, and all I could think was "Yessssssss!" I saw the first movie seven times in theatres, and countless times in other formats. Sci-Fi was my first love. As I came of age, romances became my next great addiction. I was a huge fan of Nan Ryan. Her Historical Romances were amazing, but somewhere along the line those Sci-Fi worlds and romantic story lines started to merge in my head, and I began writing Sci Fi Roms. I couldn't, and to this day still can't, understand why they're so rare. Females loved Star Wars just as much as males, so why aren't there more Sci Fi Rom readers out there?

In spite of my dedication to my sub-genre, it isn't all I write. I also love to be terrified, hence "Chimera" (working title), which sprouted from a childhood waking nightmare and is set in a fictionalized version of the area where I grew up--northern Michigan. I also have a sweeping Gone-With-The-Wind-of-the-Southwest epic, This Far, Wild Land which will be a historical based on Spanish Colonial Santa Fe and yes, with a good measure of romance in the plot. This is my ode to my adopted home state, and a product of the love affair I've carried on with The Land of Enchantment for almost two decades. Problem is, the research is labor intensive. Hopefully once I'm published I can seek out a co-author with the era-specific knowledge I need.

Dawn said...

I also, as you know write more than the Sci Fi Romance. I love the Roaring 20's and 30's and plan on doing a group of Romance stories from this era. I love the Old West, and I'm the daughter of a rancher and a true blue cowboy. Grew up on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. I've got spurs on my walls and a branding iron in my closet(-3-). I'm related to Daniel Boone and can trace my roots back to colonists up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Perhaps, I'll write Western Romance someday, or just write a bit of the family history, as it's just as facinating. But, right now, I've got a lot of 'irons' in the fire, so I'll stick with the Sci Fi Romance.

Flick said...

My first book was an angst ridden tale of a young woman with a very unhappy home life who ended up as the mistress of a mafia boss. Wasn't a romance but a hero did appear towards the end. Second book was an angst ridden tale of a young woman with a very unappy home life who ended up as the mistress of a South American drug baron. Sense a pattern. The third was a suspense story about - well won't repeat - but she ended up kidnapped by a psychopath. So how the hell did I end up in Romance and erotica?? I think Romance picked me, rather than the other way round. Believe or not, until I started the true romance writing - I'd never read a romance book. I was brought up on horror and thrillers. Now I read everything.
But I think my fellow bloggers may see from this why my romances are rather dark. My characters don't come from happy homes, they don't have an easy path in life, they have to fight hard to find love but when they do, its all consuming.
As for sci fi romance - I'm a baby. I've only dabbled at the edges. I have enough problems with the real world let alone the bigger one!!

Laurie said...

See, I have the opposite problem. The real world creates too many problems for me, I enjoy inventing my own universe(s).