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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ooh, thank God for Google. Where would I be without it? I just get into my story and come across some little point that needs checking.
Is there a foopath along the Thames all the way to Canary Wharf? Or some back route I don't know about?
Ah, wonder why it's brought up a sex toys site. What word triggered that? Canary? Footpath?Maybe I'll just have a look. Just to satisfy my writer's curiosity. Um, what the hell is that used for? I'll just click on... oops. Maybe not. But I always did wonder how men got their tackle into those. I might well need to know that. Oooh, maybe I didn't need the image. God, it won't go. I've got ten images now. Pressing back doesn't work. Help. Ah, gone.
I wonder if they come in different colours. Purely research you understand. ooh yes, different colours and materials.
Luckily I've found out how to delete my web history. But husband says he's going to smash my hard drive with a hammer rather than send it for repair - just in case. Well, no point in not looking up how men manage to- ooh that would be telling.


Dawn said...

I was toying with designing a web page, and my sister-in-law who did it professionally for years, told me to go to 'Go daddy.com'
Some how I ended up at 'Who's your daddy.com'
Yeah, okay. Won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Laurie said...

ROFL. Your research is always uh...fascinating Flick. Just fascinating.

*parks chin on hands and stares, wide-eyed* :O