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Sunday, March 23, 2008


I seem to be in. Dont know what I will contribute, but it looks like alot of fun stuff to catch up on.
Something to mess with around the highly exciting job. Happy sunday. And heres counting the days until Strangers roped in an agent, along with P2PC. Maybe I'll be joining the waiting game ( crying game) within a week or two.
Um, now I'll see if this message goes somewhere.


Laurie said...

It sure did, Arlene, and welcome. This is our public blog, so I'll post your introduction to the world. (Hide. Hide while you can. *snickers*)

Flick said...

A word of warnng, Arlene. Careful what you say - there are big ears out there!!

Dawn said...

Super. Great to have you here. Ditto on Flick's warning. We've had some interesting visitors pop up. Don't be surprised. It's a little gadget called Google Alert.
I only wish George's Google wasn't broken.