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Friday, March 28, 2008

Q & A Question #2

What is your ideal hero or heroine like?


Arlene said...

in one word? Flawed.
All the more reason to love Charlie for example, and Jack, and...oh, you said hero-heroine, well the same goes for villian. Except Jane D. I dont like anything about her.
The achilles heel gets me every time.

Flick said...

Ideal hero - very tall, dark and handsome. I really wanted to put short, fat and ugly but sadly, I just couldn't. He has to be a bad boy but good when it counts. Ideally slim hipped with a nice butt. Brave, great sense of humour and has overcome horrible background. Great in bed, goes without saying. Adventurous in bed needs saying. He must be able to dance without looking as though his limbs are on strings, have a deep voice - but not too deep and have dark, smoky eyes. Ohhh I could keep going and going. If my husband reads this, I'm talking about you, dear. Hair isn't that important. Nor the dancing, nor the slim hips, nor the very tall. No wonder I write romance.

Dawn said...

I agree. Flawed. I have arrogant characters, cold-blooded, bitchy, self-centered. But the guys have got to be hot. Tall, dark hair, and great bodies. I love a little attitude. And I love a character that will stand up and die if necessary for what he wants or believes in. I want villians who have a reason to be evil, not just bad because you need someone who is, and sometimes the villian isn't really evil, it's in the eyes of the beholder, as in clone. Is the Keeper really bad? Is the fourteen year old daughter who had survived the years because of the blood and tissue harvests of the clone? No, but the clone believes her to be.
The women had better be able to stand up for themselves because my boys wouldn't do with a wimpy woman. They've got to be strong.
I like a woman who has an unusal profession.
Most of all. I hate whiney heros and heroines.

Laurie said...

Flawed is a definite. They can't be too perfect. They have to have character traits that make them relatable; they have to make mistakes.

MCs have to stand firm on their beliefs (often the source of great conflict), be dedicated to their cause, and loyal to those they trust.

Physical traits in my male MCs: They tend to be tall, wide shoulders, athletic. They can be dark featured or blond. There might be some bad boy in them from their past experiences, but underneath it they are "good guys." They aren't put off from their goals easily, especially when the goal is the female MC, and in that case they can be downright relentless. :)

Villains have to have a driving force behind their actions so a reader can understand the universe from their perspective. Most of my protagonists are just heroes who've gone astray because of expectations due to power or fame, resentment of their fate and/or desire for vengence.