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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Writing for young adults.

My eight grade son's writing teacher has asked me to come to the class in February and share some Sci-Fi with the kids. I think it sounds like fun and I've been getting together a group of writers interested in having some of their material read to these teenagers. The input will be pretty good, I'm sure.

During the process of writing young adult, appropriate material, I have come to the conclusion that it is hard to write for kids.

My work tends to be a little dark. I use naughty words and yes, it's romance so I have sexual content. Writing something that doesn't include any of these things, has been a challenge. It's interesting to see how switching gears affects my writing.

If you haven't written Young Adult, give it a try. It really is a challenge, you can learn a lot from this exercise in restraint. Young Adult Writers, I salute you.


Laurie said...

Hi Dawn. I have to give you credit for this (again). Writing for the YA market--or audience--isn't something I've ever attempted to do.

You should talk to Kimber An. She writes YA Sci-Fi.

Flick said...

I've part written a YA story about vampires, werewoves and shapeshifters. I loved writing it but I missed the romance!!I ought to finish it - right, next on my list!