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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enigma of the Industry: Laurie

Arlene—we're missing your words of wisdom. Maybe you'd like to comment on your frustrations with SE, like the editor you pitched who dismissed it as "new age" because he keyed in on certain words and assumed it was about angels, when it's really SF with a basis in physics. Do agents and editors really take the time to listen? Maybe they just don't have the time to listen--another enigma in itself. I recently heard a story of how one agent lamented that she'd wished she'd had a shot at a particular best selling novel, and the writer just smirked and (to her credit) said nothing , because she in fact HAD queried her and been rejected.

Also, I'd like to challenge some never do this advice often given to pre-published authors:

"You should never write additional books in the series until your first novel has sold and done well."

I beg to differ. Why not write a series if that's what inspires you? A waste of time? Writing is never a waste of time when you're churning out work that pleases you. If you're pleased, chances are your potential fans will be too. Maybe more than pleased. And wouldn't this solve the enigma if your first novel does go gangbusters and the reading public comes back with the demand of more, more, MORE! You already have it, have it, HAVE IT! and you know it's not going to be a disappointment because you and your muse had time to collaborate on a great story and work out the kinks without the dread deadline thundercloud looming on the horizon.

Let's face it, most of us don't write for the money, we write to tell a great tale that we want to share with the world. So if the inspiration keeps you writing with enthusiasm for three or four novels, then more power to ya! You aren't wasting your time, and you may just be building your future dynasty with a solid backlist of offerings.

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Arlene said...

Well stated, Laurie. Thanks for taking the time and energy to verbalize this so well for all of us.