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Monday, March 23, 2009

Enigma of the Industry: Barbara

Maybe they're lazy and their editors are either lazy or scared to criticise. I think pressure does get to these names though - the need to keep grinding books out is intense so they write with little author-editing. Maybe they expect the editor to do it and they don't because they think - hey , this author sells - who am I to point out too much use of 'was' - too much head-hopping, etc.

Maybe I'm unusual in that I love editing. I love going over and over a story and making tweaks and changes to improve it. Because I'm not a forward thinker - I don't have the plot mapped out in my head so I need to backtrack all the time to stick stuff in. Case in point with the WIP - Outcasts. I really shouldn't have posted it so soon. I'm not ready yet and I can see there is more that needs to go in these first two chapters.

But it's easy to see some of the big names have gone off!! Even smaller names who I've enjoyed - their later books have disapointed. I really need to reread the earlier work to see if it's me! Have my standards raised because I now know what to do and what not to do? If I see mid-paragraph head-hopping in a story I go wild, but my first stories were full of it.

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