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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enigma of the Industry: Arlene

Frustration....writing at work and getting interrupted every two minutes.

Frustration...something up with Microsoft word and it's taking too long between clicks to load unless I reboot every couple hours.

Frustration....my problems with writing stem from writing a tome, 3 book series, without learning how to write first so rewrites are sooooo boring.

The editor at Tor publishing would not have misunderstood me if he hadn't been exhausted and I hadn't stalked and approached him without the ten minute time slot which I would have had if I'd booked before he filled up.

If I wasn't such a timid dreb, the social skills of a wall flower, I'd have slept the night before and could have engaged the thought in my head, 'new age is hippy-angel religious stuff, right?' But my photon is evil out of my mouth, and he'd have laughed and listened further.

So, my words of wisdom are: It's not always the agent-publisher, but the writer who thinks they have something, and they do, but they can't or won't or don't take the time to get it out of their head correctly.

And, conferences are alot of fun, but sign up for the entire thing in case you do want a chance to talk with someone further and never listen to an older sister who think it's a matter of image. Dress presentable, but comfortable. You're selling yourself, not a polished version that isn't really you and sneakers make your brain work better than borrowed heels.

This is an ego thing--Your Baby--and if the real world doesn't fall all over it, or you can't present it right, there's a zillion others out there willing to do the work, so you either write something else to open a door, or keep trying with rewrites and other publishers/agents until finally you draw the longer straw and someone in the business strikes a spark with you.

An update on me in this moment in time? I'm in family counseling with the series, but leaning toward divorce. I'm pushing a teenager stand-alone out the door and, yippee, I'm trying to get pregnant with something I don't have a clue what it'll turn out to be and I'm boggled down with crits maintaining a lovely symbiotic relationship with people who understand.


Flick said...

OOh, poor Arlene. I'm with you leaning against the wall watching the world go by, waiting for the right bus and then tripping as it approaches but finally the right bus came along for me and I know it will for you. So grab that teenager by the tiny paw and drag him on board. There might be a rainbow at the end of the journey!

Laurie said...

Yeah, I'm a member of the wallflower brigade too. LOL I think a lot of writers tend to be introverted, and aquire a "public face" as their career develops.

Barbara's overnight success has been an inspiration to all of us, seeing how she found those enthusiastic "yesyesyes's" at the end of that trail of "nonononono's."

Arlene said...

Rainbow at the end, I love it. Who needs a leprochaun and some luck with friends like you guys. Thanks for your steady and wonderful encouragment, Barbara!