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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Sometimes I wonder if it's worth getting out of bed. Today I should have stayed there but since I didn't - have a look at how not to spend your time.
-woke at 2.00am - I'd like to blame jetlag but it was drunken son and friend rolling home.
-woke at 3.00am - That might be jet lag or possibly husband snoring
-woke at 5.00am - Got up, switched on computer and since house was so cold, sat in nighty, scarf and son's T-shirt to work.
- 5.15 - made coffee and settled back at computer
-5.30 -one word written, made another coffee.
-ooh kitchen a mess, dishwasher needs emptying, broken glass on shelf, prawns on the kitchen table, strange thing in sink?? Yuk.
-6.00 - escape to gym
-8.00 -return feeling self-righteous but exhausted
-8.30 start writing four times only to be interrupted to make tea, breakfast, wash son's essential clothing he hasn't managed to put in his own machine, make more tea, iron son's essential clothing
-11.00 - five words written. Daughter is bored and wants to bore me. Send her shopping with husband. Son decides to bother me.
-11.45 I put 12 books up for sale on ebay - after daughter explains intricacies of camera. Oh that switches it on! Realize I've made mistake with postage and will be giving the things away.
- my presence is demanded to help get garden furniture out of the attic. I didn't need all my toes anyway.
-BBQ - great, I only have to organise food, table, drinks - clean up everything but not cook. Isn't that thoughtful
- Son washes garden furniture - what a saint
-daughter wants mother to drive her to rail station. 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. 12 speed cameras, 18 sets of traffic lights and creativity slumping every minute that passes.
- son has already left when i get back.
-Hooray- me time.
- son has left hose running - water bill will now be huge. Husband discovers that son has left hose on for the whole of last week while we were away. Huge bill will now be giant huge bill.
-Damn - plot crisis, character crisis, worry over water bill
- husband calls for tea
-husband calls for food
-husband calls for - well he can forget that.
8.00pm - delete all 150 words I managed today.



Arlene said...

I'm sorry, but I couldnt help cracking up. Thanks for sharing. Thank God all your days arent like this, and hopefully you'll burn up the keyboard tommorow.

Laurie said...

Yup, cracking up here, too, but only because it hits so close to home. No "son taskings" here, but miscellaneous horses, dogs and cats have their own demands. Weekends are always a whirlwind-- groceries, horse feed, dump run, pick up dry cleaning, things to talk over with spouse for the few hours he's home on weekends, irrigate and water the parched plants, critter baths, miscellaneous chores, catch up on all dishes, laundry, housework...well, okay SOME of that, not time for all. Then back to work at 7am on Monday. *loud sigh of exhaustion*

And yet we still have time to write entire novels, edit them, market them, and crit others' works...and blog.

Yup, we're just dang amazing, huh? :)

Dawn said...

Yes, sometimes life gets in the way. But writing is an obsessive business, and tomorrow, you'll be right back at it. We write with every kind of disruption that can be thought of. We write from our office computers at work, on the little pad by the phone with the doodles on it, from the front seat of our car, or while we're eating lunch or skipping (if we can't stand to pick up the fork because we're on a role)
But sometimes during those moments of madness, inspiration hits and we turn out a damn good story.