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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Blog

For all the SciFiRom fans out there, I've been notified of a new blog devoted to this subgenre: The Galaxy Express.

Yea! We're gaining momentum.

Be sure to stop by and visit this gorgeous, well organized site. Heather obviously spent a lot of time on it, and her posts feature her unique, fun voice. Be sure to check out the SciFiRom authors by decade.


We've also added it to our blog links at right.


Heather said...

What a delicious blog! I'm jealous, Laurie, that you got to visit The Queen Mary. I lived in CA for ten years and I should've made it a bigger priority. Oh well.

Thanks for mentioning the debut of The Galaxy Express. Seeing a blog like this makes me all aflutter because how cool will it be when I can showcase you and the other fine authors here when you're published!

Btw, I'm giving away a copy of Linnea Sinclair's FINDERS KEEPERS, so if anyone's reading please come and comment tomorrow for a chance to win.

And I, too, am looking forward to Susan Grant's MOONSTRUCK. I had an opportunity to read the first chapter a few months ago. It was edgy and gritty and sparking with electricity. I'll be giving away a copy of that book too when I officially showcase Susan and her work.

What a great time for SFR!! Thanks to you and the other authors for all of your hard work.

Dawn said...

Thanks for visiting, Heather. Congrats on the launch of your new blog, I'll be adding it to my watch list. Laurie's gone and done it, it's her fault. I'm a hopless, blog-hopping addict.

Heather said...

Thanks, Dawn! You're totally fab.

Laurie said...

Woohoo, Heather. Thanks for commenting. I'm very excited about your blog, and about the trends I see coming in SciFiRom. My very talented co-bloggers Dawn and Arlene write SciFiRom and/or Romantic SciFi. Barbara, who has become the resident published author of our group, has written engrossing Fantasy Romances, and may be in the process of penning a SciFiRom herself. (We like to *think* we inspired her. :) )

I've read Linnea Sinclair's FINDERS KEEPERS and hardily endorse it. Strong, independent female MC who runs her own show, even though she's hanging on by a thread--my kind of character. Male MC who's strong, dark and tries to overcome what he is by hiding the truth. A major threat that pulls them both in. Linnea is a master at building relationships between characters that take time to develop, and so are all the more satisfying to the reader via their emotional investment. All this in a futuristic setting that involves technology, politics and military intrigue. Fabulous combination.

The Queen Mary was an incredible experience. We even had a brush with the paranormal! If you ever get the chance, definitely book at least a night on this famous floating hotel.

Thanks for visiting. :)