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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Take It To the Stars Q&A

What do you find sexy in a story and what falls flat? Do you like explicit scenes, or do you preferred it toned down with closed doors and everything left to the imagination, or something in between. What makes a great Romance great? What makes a character sexy, puts sizzle between the pages and what turns you off?
In a nutshell, tell me what makes a Romance story one you'd pick up and read from cover to cover. The Happily Ever After is a given, I want to know about everything in between.


Arlene said...

For me, it's simple. Doesn't matter if it's hard core erotic with nothing left to imagine, or if there isnt a single kiss, what turns me off is repetition, little or no plot, and the same old labels. Any genre that can keep me guessing is a book I treasure--with that happy ending of course. I'm still pissed and its been a life time of muttering why dont spiders live forever? Who cares how many eggs Charlotte left.
On topic, its not sex or lack of, a drop dead gorgous character or a scrawy one legged gimp that makes the book for me, but orginality and twisty unexpected curves.

Flick said...

I've read sooo many romance books -and while I like explicit scenes, there has to be that zing between the characters - humour, the feeling that they really know one another, those quirky comments that make me sit up and take notice, as well as the sex.

It's hard to say what turns me off. I know within a few pages of reading whether the book will work for me or not - overcomplicated names or set up -I yawn, same old set ups - yawn, too much back story in the first ten pages - yawn. But a zingy start, lively dialogue and a fun intro will have me hooked.

It's fair to say though, that I also like familiarity - so Julia Quinn with her Regency romances - all very similar - are just great. Same sort of characters, similar set ups but she has such a fresh, fun voice that I'd buy a new one without reading the blurb. Same with Jenny Crusie - unless she's writing with Bob Mayer. Then I wouldn't bother.

Heather said...

Oh, I have to chime in, albeit briefly.

I love good sexual tension. If the sexual tension is strong, I don't even care whether the sex happens on the page or behind closed doors.

An intriguing push-pull between hero and heroine is what I find sexy.