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Friday, February 22, 2008

What I'm Reading Now


Author: Susan Grant

Genre: [Probably obvious, but] Sci-Fi Rom

Where am I: About three-quarters done.

What I think so far: Likin' it!

ETA on book review: In the next two weeks

Added note: Since we're on the discussion of cover art in another post, this is my idea of a perfect cover for the novel. I would be ecstatic to get one this good. And notice...no faces. Leaves the readers to their imagination, so no conflict with what's on the cover and what they see in their head.


Dawn said...

Yeah, loved the cover on this one too. Did you read the other stories in this trilogy, Laurie?

I have to say my favorite is the first.

Dawn said...

Oh, BTW, I can't wait to see what an artist cooks up for your story, Laurie. The details in it really are fantastic and they have a lot of inspiration.