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Saturday, February 23, 2008

So what's the newest project?

So, I'm about halfway through the re-write on AG and about halfway through the first draft of L. I've had to rewrite one chapter due to my computer crashing and loosing the chapter before I backed it up.

I've started the re-write on Blame it on Mars. I've been scrubbing chapters from IBH Inc. for the presentation to the Thayer Middle School writing class, and thankfully the date has been pushed back to April 22. I'll keep you all posted how that went. A whole day with kids that are 13 and 14. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to spend the day with these future writers, and how honored I am that they asked me to come in and do this. They are a great group of kids, a lot of them come from poverty level homes, and difficult situations. I think I will get as much from them as hopefully I can give to them. Two of the writers, one in particular is such a powerful writer, her stories brought tears to my eyes.

Writing the YA story has really given me a deeper appreciation for the writers who produce these stories. They're not easy.

What else. I've been chin deep in tax season at work, hip deep in black-belt prep, and I have two portraits I've been commissioned to paint. Plus I'm teaching my Sensei how to draw and paint animals.

Then throw in my teenage sons, basketball tournaments, art events and overall keeping one eye glued on them, especially the older son with the steady girlfriend...

And keeping the husband happy...
Ho boy.

So, It's been a busy month. Just thought you might like to know why I've been so quiet. What's new in your world?

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Laurie said...

Dawn, I look forward to hearing your adventures with the budding kid writers. Think what an influence you'll be. And you know I think IGBH should be a YA novel!