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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bunny's Picks. Jim Butcher, Susan Grant...

Hello out there. *Taps glass and presses nose against computer screen* My name is Bunny. I’m a demon. *Places hands on hips and steps back* Why is that so hard for everyone to believe? You. *points at person in the back laughing* I’d stop while you’re ahead. I really would. I might look cute and sweet with this tail and horns, but Buddy, I’ll hurt you. *Tail twitches and flames jump in eyes*

*Hops up on desk and crosses long legs* There’s always a heckler in the group somewhere. Usually it’s a telemarketer. Don’t worry; I know where you live… You don’t know how many of them I end up torturing on a daily basis. They just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. Oh where was I….

Yes. *snaps fingers* I was in the process of introducing myself. As I said, I’m Bunny. Some of you have already met me. *Waves to the girls* I thought I’d pop on to the blog and put my two cents, er two dollars, *shakes head and waves hands in air* Hundred dollars worth, in. I may be called Bunny, but I’m not cheap. *Snorts* As if.

I was reading this story the other day and I had to ask myself. *glances at fingernails, rummages through handbag and pulls out file* you can never get a good set of French tips up here. I’m telling you, if you want to see a spa, you should go to Hell. No, really. Their warm mudpacks are to die for.

What is that! *Eyes pop open in disbelief*
Damn it. My cuticles are mangled. Just mangled. It has to be all this flipping cold weather you’ve been having up here. I’m telling you, living in the South is the only way to go. *grabs hair and examines ends.* Split. I should have known. There isn’t enough conditioner in the world to keep up with all the dry heat you people pump into your homes to stay warm. It’s not worth it, living up here. Trust me. Well, all except for the winter clearance sales. *Lifts foot and turns new stiletto heel in the light.* Lovely isn’t it? I got the best deal on them. Of course, I had to beat the hordes back. *Snort*and I’m called a spawn of Satan? Please... Have you ever hit the clearance racks on senior citizen discount day? Those little old ladies mean business. I’m telling you, I was sure that bite was going to leave a scar. Don’t worry, I got her number. You can’t live forever sister! *Twitches tail and shakes pitchfork*

Um, where was I? Oh yes. I was reading this story the other day and I had to ask myself, to whom these authors are selling their souls to get published. I know daddy didn’t sign a couple of them, I checked the archives and files. *Huffs*

I’ve also read some pretty decent stories lately. So here’s a little list I tossed together. Books I suggest you add to your TBR (to be read) pile. *Taps chalkboard with pitchfork* We’ll call these Bunny’s Picks. *Smacks the chalkboard harder and bares fangs* Pay attention! *Leans closer to the screen* As I was saying. These are Bunny’s Picks! Not Dawn’s. She’s only a vessel in my world domination plans. When I’m not planning to take over the world with the minions of hell, I read. So if you’ve got questions, ask me. *takes a deep breath and flutters lashes* Okay?

Let’s start with anything by Karen Marie Moning. I love her stories. Evil Fae and Druids. Yummy. I particularly like Adam Black. Ummmm. *Fans self*

Jim Butcher. Who doesn’t love him? My personal favorite is "Dead Beat". It's part of the Dresden Files and the first book in the series I read. Okay, so I read stuff out of order. *Rolls eyes* So sue me. We own all the lawyers anyway. Well, most of them. The nice thing with this series is you can, if you're so inclined, read it out of order. It's probably better that you don't. You'll get a better picture of the events leading up to each story if you start with book one, "Storm Front", but it's nice knowing they can stand alone. The series isn't Romance, but it’s a must read for anyone that loves Urban Fantasy.

Donna Kaufmann. “The Black sheep and the Princess”, “Great Scot”, “The Black Sheep and the Hidden beauty”. These are mainstream romance/erotica that will leave you wanting more. I particularly love the Unholy Trinity. The first book in the trilogy about these bad boys is “The Black Sheep and the Princess”.

Here’s a book I got for Christmas from Laurie. The “Down Home Zombie Blues.” Linnea Sinclair pulls out her bag of tricks and hits you with the Sci Fi world building that will launch you into space. Who doesn’t like a romance with zombies and aliens? And the zombies aren’t what you’d think. Lots of surprises in this story.

And of course I can’t leave Susan Grant off this list. Her alien romances are fun. Quirky titles, sexy men, and of course, out of this world, love stories. Here's three to start with: “Your Planet or Mine”, “My Favorite Earthling”, and “How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 days.”

*Checks watch* Well, I better run, people to torture, souls to collect, and a manicure to get…
Hey, I’m a busy girl. Possession isn’t easy. *leans into screen and blinks* Don’t look at me like that. Possession is 9/10ths the law. Besides, I am legal. *Reaches in purse and finds green card* Did you know that I practically had to sell my soul to get this, and I don’t have one? I offered the immigration officer a package deal and they slipped me…. Uh, never mind. *shakes head* Legalities. Damning evidence. *Flips cell phone open and reads text* Get out! How much?

I really need to go now. I just got a red hot tip on a shoe sale downtown. If I don’t move, the Cue-tips will get all the good deals.

Ciao. Hugs and Kisses.

*Vanishes in a puff of smoke. Reappears and grabs purse* Can’t forget my plastic. Don’t leave home without it. *Smiles*



Laurie said...

ROFL "Possesion is 9/10ths of the law." Love it. Bunny, so glad you left your usual haunt and dropped by Take it to the Stars for a visit. Please stop in again soon.

In fact, I think you should consider a guest appearance over on Toasted Scimitar. They'd love you to death. :)

Flick said...

I'm a bit scared of Bunny! Not sure if its the teeth or the cuticles.