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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Days = Four Five Star Reviews!

Barbara's STRANGERS had been released for all of two days when the 5 STAR reviews started pouring in on the Ellora's Cave website.  You can read them here:  Reviews of STRANGERS

Congratulations, Barbara.  Your fans are affirming what we already know (and have been shouting from the rooftops!)  :)

1 comment:

D L Jackson said...

Five--Five Star reviews.
I had no doubt this one would pull in perfect reviews. It's a emotional rollcoaster ride you need more of. You will have a hard time putting this one down.
Plus, I admit, there are books I'll read more than once and they are very rare. This is one of them.

You can't pass on this one.
Get a copy for yourself and one for a friend or two or three.