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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sex, lies and reviewers

Oh criticism. Can't live with it and can't live without it. I'm convinced that my natural state of - say no until it's proven you need to say yes - has led me to be the world's worst pessimist and a hardened critic. My mother spent her life criticising me in an attempt to make me better - a better swimmer, reader, piano player etc etc. The only lasting result has been to make me hyper - critical of myself and others. Somehow every job I ever had - apart from the selling of cyanide, involved me picking fault with others. I inspected businesses and then moved on to inspecting schools and wrote reports listing their faults - oh and the good bits too. So I'm used to giving criticism. I critique others work as honestly as I can and they critique mine. So I'm used to receiving criticism too.

Now I'm out in the wide world and strangers are offering opinions on my stories. I hear the cries - All subjective. One person's POV etc etc. I never read them - many proclaim. I couldn't not read a review of one of my books. The very typing of those words still sends a shiver of delight down my spine. I'm lucky. I finally heard yes from a publisher. Not in the sphere I wanted but it was still a yes. Now I live with the consequences. My babies have faults and it's my fault they do. I wanted them to be perfect and they're not. I still love them. But I'm going to keep trying to be a better and better writer and maybe one day I'll please everyone.

Ohh - a flying pig!!!!


Dawn said...

Did you set your blasted Google Alert? LOL
Ever since Laurie showed me how, I've been obsessed.

Flick said...

Nothing good ever comes of googling yourself! LOL

Kate said...

No, googling yourself is a nasty habit!
Your babies will never be perfect, Flick. Someone will always find fault with them. Someone else will think them beautiful. That's how the world is.

Laurie said...

It seems to be in human nature to find fault. Sometimes even the best selling books are picked apart (I'm thinking in particular of a YA wizard and a YA vampire series). Whether the attacks come out of jealousy or not-my-cup-of-tea or genuine dislike, they are inevitable. As writers it's hard to invest the time and effort we do in making the story the best it can be, only to have someone very vocally trash it. I guess the payoff is having the opportunity to share your story with a large audience, and knowing that there may be a few who always remember the world and the characters you created.

Flick said...

Very true, Laurie. It's all one person's opinion when all is said and done. I wonder what people thought of Dickens and Shakespeare in their time.