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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Flick said...

This is the fabulous cover for my latest book for Loose ID. Designer is Croco Designs. I'm so impressed with it and with the first one - the Consolation Prize.
Falling for you - is available soon from Loose Id.

She lives for the moon.
Every month, for five days around the full moon, Jo has the overwhelming urge to jump almost every male she sees. Convinced she’s gone crazy, she seeks medical help but finds none. All she can do to stop the hunger is run. One wrong step and Jo’s life plummets in a direction she didn’t expect. She falls into the lair of a badly injured vampire.

He lives for the night.
Alek can’t believe the angel who’s dropped from the sky. With a knife wedged in his chest and too weak to move, he’d given up and is waiting for sunrise. But when the beautiful jogger crashes into his lair, Alek finds more than a way to survive - he finds a reason for doing so.

Every dog has his day.
Lyall, alpha werewolf, wants Alek dead so he can take his land. He wants Jo alive to breed more wolves. But Lyall hasn’t reckoned on the power of love. Annoying Alek is a big mistake. Annoying Jo could be fatal.

Laurie said...

Fabulous cover art, Barbara. I know it's always a relief when you get a great cover. This one is a fabulous companion to Consolation Prize.

Arlene said...

Yeah cool cover, the letter G is in an interesting spot, or maybe that's just me. What I find exceptional is your blurb. One of the best I've read and fits FFY perfectly. You've worked hard, and your love of writing will take readers to new heights. Well done, Barbara.