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Friday, August 15, 2008

Polite behaviour

I know it's frowned on to use blogs to moan about agents, publishing companies, etc etc and I'm not getting at anyone in particular - (well I am, but I won't say who) but where has politeness gone? Why can't an enquiry by email be answered with a yeah or nay? Is it so difficult and time wasting to offer a polite reply to an enquiry? I know many agents etc get lots and lots of enquiries but I think it's so rude to not even give a response, particulary when you respond to a request they put out for something. This agent - who will remain anonymous because I'm not into getting at individuals - asked - no, pleaded on his-her blog for a certain type of story. I happen to have written what he-she asked for and sent a polite enquiry with the first three chapters and synopsis. I'd rather have had a brief - sorry, not for me - than to be ignored. This was the second time I had no response - different submission. I told myself the first time - well, he-she might not have got the email. Second time I realise it's the way he-she operates. It's arrogant and unpleasant and you know - I wouldn't want him-her as an agent. I don't care how many hundreds of emails he-she gets - it's easy to flip a reply back.


Dawn said...

I think I know who.

Kate said...

Yes, it has happened to me too, but very unlikely to be the same one. How long does it take to send an email? They could have one saved that they send off automatically to say thanks but no thanks, couldn't they?

Laurie said...

Oh, I so agree. I haven't sent a lot of queries out yet (the blitz will happen later this year) but of those I have, two or three never bothered to respond. A few people have told me to send by snail-mail with a SASE and I'll at least get a response. Well, I don't get the logic why killing trees makes it worthy of reply. Hitting reply and typing a few words (or copying and pasting a standard template) into an email has to take less time and effort than printing out a piece of paper and stuffing it into an envelope.