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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heads up.

Heads up Skiffy Rommers, Susan Grant's got a new book out in Feb of 2009.
'The Warlord's Daughter.'

Go here for a sneak peak at the cover. http://susangrant.blogspot.com
It's beautiful.


Frances said...

Dawn, the cover is terrific. Really looking forward to it.


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Laurie said...

I agree. Wow. I'd kill for a cover like that. (Barbara and Dawn, don't you think that would work for Sair? Or Darius? *big grin*)

The majority of Susan's covers are fantastic. There's just that one dud in the bunch (you know the one I mean.) Unfortunately, there's not much the author can do about clunker artwork so I always love to see these masterpieces.