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Thursday, November 26, 2009

STRANGERS Soon to be Released!

It's been a long time coming, and now it's just a few days away! Barbara Elsborg's STRANGERS will be released by Ellora's Cave on December 2nd!

Of STRANGERS, the author says: "Well here it is. My favorite book. The book of which I am most proud. The book whose hero makes me laugh and cry. The best book I've written."

If you're familiar with Barbara's work, I think you know what an exceptional talent she is, and what a huge endorsement this is for her latest release.

Posted below is Barbara's cover for STRANGERS. Since beta-reading the novel well over a year ago, I've been anxious to see what sort of cover the book would get and it's perfect! (How often does that ever happen?) Yeah, definitely goes on my Killer Covers list. Here it is:

Knowing the characters as I do, the cover artist totally captured their essence and the dynamics of their relationship.

STRANGERS was the first novel of Barbara's that I ever read and the story blew me away. Barbara has a knack for redeeming unredeemable characters. Her male MC, Charlie Storm, begins as a very jaded, self-absorbed rock star-turned-motion picture icon who's on a self-destructive death spiral of "sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Now if that sounds cliche' then trust me that STRANGERS puts a fresh spin on it as well as having some wonderful touches of humor when Charlies connects with Kate (female MC), a woman also at the end of her rope but living a very different life. Through Kate, the reader discovers Charlie's warmth and tenderness buried beneath all those layers of hardened bad boy. But will Kate only become another victim of the runaway train wreck that is Charlie's life or can her love save him from himself?

Click on STRANGERS to read the opening scene and I think you'll see why you'll want to join these amazing characters on their journey. (Over 18 only please.)

Obviously I'm very exccited to see this one released so I can snag a copy...or six. Can't wait for Wednesday!


Barbara said...

Thanks, Laurie.Oh I do hope readers like this book. I love it so much. It still has the capacity to make me cry when I read it and since I know what's coming, I feel that's quite an achievement. I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet - makes my lips hurt - but, I really love this book.
Enough gushing. blushes madly.

D L Jackson said...

I'm am so excited about this release. It truly is my favorite. I laughed, I cried and I couldn't put it down.

Laurie Green said...

Barbara, you deserve to be proud. This is an amazing story, one that I've read over and over and never grow tired of.

I agree...this is your masterpiece. (At least, to date.)


Holly said...

SFR Holiday Blitz

SF reader looking for good reads, must be interesting and plausible with a plot, for long nights by the fire and walks to the beach. Show me your world!

Holly said...

SF Reader looking for Good Reads, for nights by the fire of imagination and walks on the beach. Must have a plot and be plausible with characters that could meet me for coffee. Show me your world!

Laurie Green said...

Holly, although not Sci-Fi, I think Barbara Elborg's STRANGERS meets your criteria, and it has accumulated NINE five-star reviews on the Ellora's Cave site as of today. It was only released six days ago. If you want a story you can get lost in, be sure not to miss this one.

But if Sci-Fi is your favorite, Barbara also has a Science Fiction Romance/erotica LUCY IN THE SKY that will be awarded to one lucky person who comments on the SFR Holiday Blitz post on Spacefreighters Lounge. Here's the link: