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Monday, September 21, 2009

Do the Right Thing....

...and don' t miss this novel! To be released this Thursday from Cerridwen Press, DOING THE RIGHT THING is an amazing story of love, loss and heart-breaking decisions that will leave you wanting more. (Never fear! A fantastic sequel is in the works!!!)

Barbara has a rare talent for creating a terrific blend of humor and tragedy that puts the reader right into the front seat of an unforgetable romantic joyride.

Words of praise for DOING THE RIGHT THING:

"Addie is a kind, quick-witted, survivor-of-a-mom-from-hell in an impossible love triangular with a twist. In a quest for her mother's approval, she meets Mr. Perfect—tall, dark and handsome Will, a man who only wants to do the right thing, but finds trying to do right by everyone only leads to a terrible wrong.

When Will steps into Addie's life, so does Ed, a serial playboy with an electric smile and a heart of gold who is there to catch Addie every time Will lets her down. The clincher? They're brothers. These three flawed, funny characters make for a story that runs the gauntlet between hilarious and heart-breaking.

An addicting Contemporary Romance. Five big shiny stars...and then some."


Barbara Elsborg said...

Thank you, Miss Publicity Agent!!! Well, I know that Cerridwen Press books don't sell as well as the erotic ones so I'll be interested to see how this does. It's one of my favourite stories and I've had such fun writing the sequel.

Laurie Green said...

*takes a bow*

Yup, my enthusiasm is showing. :) But this is one of my favorite romance novels of all time. It made me laugh, made me cry and really made me identify with the characters. Had to gush a bit about it.

I hope it does very well, Barbara. I wish Cerridwen would allow pre-orders.

Dawn said...

I'm so there on Thursday to get my copy. :)