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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Social Networking.

I know the world has changed, is changing as far as communication is concerned. Telephoning, texting, emailing and now tweeting and chattering. I joined facebook and then unjoined it because I couldn't see what to do with it. Then I joined again and I still can't see what to do with it. There are a group of people that the site is suggesting I should be friends with. Er- why? Do I know them? I don't recognise their names or faces. I can understand if I get a message from someone I know asking to be added to my friends then I probably know them but not this other group.
It seems to be some sort of competition with a few to see how many friends they can collect. Some random roundup of anyone. Do they talk to them all? I feel like I'm missing something here. Can anyone explain?
I have six friends on Facebook - one of whom is a lovely young man who is the son of a friend and I'm not sure how I managed to get him. My kids don't want to know me so please - what is the point of it??


D L Jackson said...

I'm right there with you. Tech isn't my thing, but I social network to get the word out about my books and meet readers.

I'm not perfect at it--I still haven't figured out that whole Tweeting thing.

Emmie Dark said...

Social media is not for everyone, but the only way to really find out what it's for and how it works is to dive straight in and give it go. That means finding friends, joining conversations, updating your status and interacting with others. Sorry to say, setting up a page and waiting to see what happens won't do it! That said, I'm completely a convert - Facebook, Twitter, all of it. AND I have personal profiles and an 'author' profile (unpublished - as yet!). As an aspiring author, I think it helps me to build a 'brand' around my name, connects me to other like-minded people, and exposes me to the thoughts and practices of authors I admire. I'll friend you on Facebook -- and if you're interested in responding (you don't have to!) you'll see that I recently passed on a note to my Facebook friends about the cover competition your book was in -- social media is also great for spreading the word!