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Sunday, October 11, 2009

She's on a roll!

Help me shout out a big congratulations to Take it to the Stars's very own, Laurie Green.

Laurie has done it again! *\0/* *\0/* *\0/*
It's just been announced that P2PC has swept the paranormal romance class of the RWA's Heart of the West writers contest with a first place win.

Way to go.


Laurie Green said...

Thank you so much, Dawn. I'm still in the shellshock stage here, and just realizing now I really need to get to work! LOL :)

Thanks to three of the best IPs in the universe for all your encouragement and support.


Flick said...

You beat me to it, Dawn. I was just coming to add this!! So thrilled for you Laurie!!! Well done.

DJ said...

He he, quick fingers here, Barbara.

Laurie Green said...

LOL Thanks, both of you. It's great to have my own cheerleading squad.

It'll be my turn to take up the pompoms very soon when you have new books debuting. ;)

Arlene said...

You've taken it past the stars, Laurie, keep flying. Congratulations!!!

Laurie Green said...

Thanks so much, Arlene! :) It was fun sharing your "launch," too.