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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's in a name?

I wonder what readers think of the names we pick for our heros and heroines. Does it put them off the story if they don't have names that give them the right feeling? I would never not read a book because I didn't like the name the author had chosen but the time I spend finding the right ones for my characters - you'd think I was studying brain surgery.
My heroines are Kate (more than once) Katya ( ooh is that a bit like Kate/) Chloe, Addie, Holly, Susie, Polly, Lucy, Daisy, Erin ( a different sound there), Jo (and again), Flick and Imo - to name but a few. I obviously like the 'ly' sound at the end of the name. In fact both my kids have names that end this way.
My heros - Charlie (arggh - slipping into it with the guys), Ethan, Nathan, Christian (all ending the same!), Dominic, Jay, Jax, Jack, Three, Beck, Will, Ed, Alek, Aleksei, Felix, Adrian, Jake and so on.
I can see a pattern. The men's names are mostly short and hard sounding, the women's have two syllables and are softer.
Getting the name right is absolutely essential to me. I can't write unless I've settled on the right moniker.I've even picked my next two with no story in mind. Keir and Faryn - well maybe not for the same story as they're both unusual but I'm definitely using them somewhere.
So - I'm interested in what readers think of names - do they care what the characters are called? After all the angst we go through in choosing the right names - I have a feeling it matters far more to the writer than the reader.


Lunatic said...

It matters very much to me. How am I supposed to have selacious dreams about chicks named Gertruda? I like the names you pick out. They all convey cute, petite women who are part of the working class, not the aristocracy.


Flick said...

Thanks, Fred. Well, I'm glad you like the names - only none of them are petite - I'm 5'10 so all my heroines have to be tall. I had a reader complain about that. Sorry, I've had so much strife in my life from being tall, I don't think I can write short!!
They are all cute though and only one is posh - Polly.
My own name of course is very boring- Barbara Jane - sorry to all the other Barbara Janes out there. Though of course BJ aren't bad initials.