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Monday, May 10, 2010

New Release and and Interview with Author Sara Brookes

Please stop by Para-fantatics at http://para-fanatics.blogspot.com/ and check out my interview with author, Sara Brookes. Her new sci fi romance, Midnight's Ghost, is being released today. Sara will be giving away a copy to one lucky reader who leaves a comment under her interview.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Social Networking.

I know the world has changed, is changing as far as communication is concerned. Telephoning, texting, emailing and now tweeting and chattering. I joined facebook and then unjoined it because I couldn't see what to do with it. Then I joined again and I still can't see what to do with it. There are a group of people that the site is suggesting I should be friends with. Er- why? Do I know them? I don't recognise their names or faces. I can understand if I get a message from someone I know asking to be added to my friends then I probably know them but not this other group.
It seems to be some sort of competition with a few to see how many friends they can collect. Some random roundup of anyone. Do they talk to them all? I feel like I'm missing something here. Can anyone explain?
I have six friends on Facebook - one of whom is a lovely young man who is the son of a friend and I'm not sure how I managed to get him. My kids don't want to know me so please - what is the point of it??