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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Flight of the Ark

We have launch on March 8th, 2010.

Nuf said.



s7anna said...

Love the cover!

Flick said...

Ooh, very nice, Dawn!

D L Jackson said...

Thanks, s7anna, Barbara.
I love the movement and the way they postioned the characters.

No question this is an erotic science fiction romance.

Some covers make you scratch your head and wonder.

Two times lucky.

Kimberley said...

The cover art is great. I look forward to this read!

orelukjp0 said...

I love the cover. The male reminds me of Patrick Macnee, who played John Steed on The Avengers. I just want to pick it up and start right in.

D L Jackson said...

Now that you mention it, he does look like John Steed.

D L Jackson said...

Thanks to all for throwing your names in the hat.

The winner of the e-copy of Slipping the Past is orelukjp0.
Please shoot me an email at:

dlareejackson1@gmail dot com

Please delete spaces and change dot to .

Anonymous said...

This book was great. Please D.L. continue this as a series. You have to, it was too good. Won't tell anything in book, but to all others, you will not regret this purchase.

New Fan

Jennie K. said...

Loved this book. In fact I enjoyed it so much I purchased a second digital copy when a hard drive crash ate all my ebooks! It's a keeper and I am hoping for sequels. There is not enough good erotic science fiction romance. You just had a great mix of action, adventure, and what my husband terms "the smutty stuff". Cheers! :D

D L Jackson said...

Thanks, Jennie. I have several in the works, one follows Last Flight of the Ark, but I fear it won't be finished until next year because of other deadlines I'm working on.
I have a novel coming out in print and eBook format with Passion in Print. It's scheduled to be released in November and is an erotic science fiction romance. The publisher wanted het, so no menage in this one, but plenty of action and out of this world details and twists.