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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barbara Elsborg: Cover Art

With the debut of LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE on Loose Id, LLC on February 24th, all three of Barbara's sibling vampire erotica novels are now available. She's gotten some great covers (the cause of major hold-your-breath anxiety for every writer and the thing we have the least control over) so I thought it would be fun to post them all together in celebration of the completed series.

I love how the covers seem to carry a theme.

Congratulations to Barbara for receiving such fabulous covers--and, of course, for authoring stories that are receiving rave reviews.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kudos and News: Barbara Strikes Again!

Woohooo! Barbara received a "5+ Keeper" rating from BookWenches blog for FALLING FOR YOU, the second in her vampire erotica series from Loose Id, LLC. Click here to read this glowing review.

You can find a link to FALLING FOR YOU on our Published Works list at the right. >>>

And...even more exciting news! Book three in this series LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE debuts tomorrow, February 24, on Loose Id. There are three books in this series, together with Barbara's debut novel THE CONSOLATION PRIZE. Each is a stand alone and can be read independently from others in the series, but are all "sibling" stories.

More congratulations, Barbara, to add to those you've already received. You are so on a roll!

NOTE: Loose Id, LLC is a site for erotica romance and is open to adults only.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Holiday Chat 2008

Although we've been a bit quiet on our blog of late, we four chat almost every day...several times a day...even though we're in far-flung and exotic locations. heh! We thought it might be fun to post some of these behind the scenes chats so you can get a taste of what's on the mind of writers--and our stream-of-consciousness thought process. :)

I'll call this one:

Holiday Chat 2008.
Laurie - 19. Dec 2008 at 12:04

David's not coming home this weekend (*sniff, sniff*) so I want to try to get the tree up to surprise him when he gets home Christmas Eve (we haven't done a tree for yearsssss) cuz he's feeling a little down.

I need to post this over my desk! LOL

Quote of the day

Finish. The difference between being a writer and being a person of talent is the discipline it takes to apply the seat of your pants to the seat of your chair and finish. Don't talk about doing it. Do it. Finish.

- E.L. Konigsburg
Arlene - 19. Dec 2008 at 13:01

I host the one and only food gathering I ever do for everyone in my family. I cook breakfast starting whenever groups come over, eggs, even I cant screw them up.

I closed up a few hours ago and ran a delivery that's only 2 blocks away and it took me 20 minutes. Had to shovel ten inches off the car. I blocked traffic running it into the church as I feared the driveway, I fell on my nose in the feared driveway, but didnt loose the flowers but I'm still wet from the knees down. There's another six inches on the car yet again.

Hope this friday finds you guys dry and warm!
Flick - 19. Dec 2008 at 14:05

NO TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have two and a load of little ones. My daughter once counted 23!!! yes, i'm a freak.

Arlene - that's not good either. You be careful in that fluffy stuff. Its not as soft as it looks is it!!! We're forecast not to have a white Christmas here. Though the new year looks interesting. Son lost his mobile phone yesterday - I think that's five or it might be six.

I lost internet today for five hours. I was beside myself!! I don't know how Dawn is managing.
Arlene - 19. Dec 2008 at 15:01

Yes, its very!!!!!!!!!! clear you are a freak, my friend. 23 trees and counting and I think one is lame. My son wouldnt put the 6-7 foot thing together. So, I left the middle pole out and stuck branches wherever. Short, fat and I decorated in shades of green only, hot lime ribbon. He'll hate it. Yippeee. My dad will love it. My mom will roll her eyes. I put a stuffed gecko for a topper. My sister will steal the topper.
Laurie - 19. Dec 2008 at 15:04

Ewwww...internet withdrawal. Yeah, that's the worst.

We've had several tree-less years with David in El Paso. Just. No. Time. To drag out, set up, decorate, tear down and stow away. But I'll make time this year just to bring a smile to his face when he sees it.

Barbara, maybe you need one of those little elastic cords to attach Greg to his phone. LOL You know how we used to have those for mittens when we were small? No? Well...I did.

We had a storm Monday night and then we were supposed to get the Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Mother of all Storms Wednesday night and.....pffffft! Nada. Di'n't happen. (GOOD!) Looks like we're in for a long, wet winter though. Of course, "long" for us is about six weeks. *repeats mantra to self* I can do this. I can survive. I managed to live through 30 winters in Michigan. I've been through worse.

Ok, where's spring?
Laurie - 19. Dec 2008 at 15:06

Ouch, Arlene. Slipping and falling on icy steps is one of the reasons I live in New Mexico now. (Was I in for a surprise my first winter. Hey! Whatdya mean it snows in the desert! I didn't get the memo! )
Flick - 20. Dec 2008 at 01:41

Hey, the phone—face of son when father suggested the exact same thing—some sort of cord to attach it to his person—not a happy bunny. I think we do Christmas in a bigger way over here. I'll try and take a picture of the tree to show you and the conservatory - lots of decorations all over there. A gecko on the top though—I love that. We have a pathetic angel on one and a star on the other. Though I didn't do the trees this year— California girl and son did.
Laurie - 20. Dec 2008 at 08:34

The Geico Gecko? *does voice over* "Look here, mate. I'm a car insurance icon. You can't just stick me on top of a tree." LOL

I think it's a cute idea. One year our tree topper was a cowboy hat.

Happy Saturday all.

Flick - 20. Dec 2008 at 10:06

And from me. We're out for an Indian meal tonight—curry. Cali girl wants to try the real thing!!!
Dawn - 22. Dec 2008 at 05:00

Hello all.

Frozen through here. Got 12 inches one day and 18 the next.

Uh, snow that is. Sheesh get your minds out of the gutter. I know what you were thinking.

Anywho, below zero here, and I'm freezing my badongadong off.

Arlene, are you okay? You got to watch that ice. I've gone down on it before and had to accessorize with crutches for 6 months. Take care. Love the Gecko topper. I don't have a tree this year. *Sigh* But I do have a blown glass pickle ornament I stick on the tree. Supossidly a Scandanavian tradition. I'm not Scandavinain, so I don't know why I have it, but I do. Yup a bright green blown glass pickle. The rest are hand made by me, and antiques handed down from great-grandmother—if my children and husband havent destroyed all of them in the move.

Barbara, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who loses her mind without internet.

Have a Happy Holiday if I don't get to chat with you before Thursday. May Santa grant your every wish.

Laurie - 22. Dec 2008 at 08:05

Dawn said: "Frozen through here. Got 12 inches one day and 18 the next.

Uh, snow that is."

ROFL. Yup, you know us well. We're under the influence of erotica. LOL

Arlene, hope you're doing okay and the quiet is just due to being busy.

Barbara, hope you had a great Indian meal and the Cali girl liked curry.

I'm enjoying a breakfast of tamales at work this morning. Mmmmmm. Over the weekend, I got the tree up (yea!) and decorated (yea!) and David's gifts all wrapped (or at least the ones that have arrived so far), so hopefully he'll be surprised when he gets home.

Anyhow, in case the storm hits and I'm "off the air" you all have a Merry Christmas!

Flick - 22. Dec 2008 at 08:40

I am SOOOOOO jealous of that snow. Yes, I know its not fun but our Christmas is going to be grey grey and more grey. Thank god for champagne. I better go and buy some.I just can't face the crowded supermarket. Dawn—you are a saint. Laurie—you did the tree!!!! Yeah—good for you. Poor Arlene is still suffocating under flowers and flu I think. I'm sitting here in the study withe dog chewing a pigs ear and the thing smells disgusting. Why does he have to sit with me????
Laurie - 22. Dec 2008 at 09:23

Aw, he wuvs you! You're his bestest friend, Barbara. LOL I miss my little dachsie so much, but with three dogs (and John and MeLisa's too), four horses, three barn cats, and two house cats (that live in El Paso most of the time) I just can't justify another animal right now. I'd have to get a friggin' kennel license. LOL

My "puppy" is about 3/4 grown now, and very smart but soooo rambunctous. She goes out with me and David to feed the horses and just barrels all over, beats up on the border collie, lets the border collie beat up on her, tries to beat up on Chaco (who ignores her) and then runs in circles around us as fast as she can go. What a nut! We finally registered her as Rising Star Shadow Mist.

Flick - 23. Dec 2008 at 01:45

Ahhh—so sweet with the name. Winston is still chewing the damn pigs ear. He found it in the garage.
Laurie - 23. Dec 2008 at 05:51

LOL Barbara.

Oh, BTW, Merry Christmas to you. Book Utopia just named Daisy Leaf one of it's Favorite Heroines of 2008! I posted an announcement and link on the blog. I'll go post something in my forum and the public forums, too. Congrats!

Here's the link: http://bookutopia.blogspot.com/2008/12/favorite-heroines-for-2008.html

Two hour delay this morning. (Yes! Time to play on the internet. LOL) We got more snow last night. Unless things change drastically (doubtful) we'll definitely have a white Christmas.

::: runs off to make more announcements :::

Flick - 23. Dec 2008 at 06:10

Ooh laurie-–I was so excited when I read your post, the dog attacked me. Well not attacked but loved me a lot!!!! I was really thrilled to see this!
Laurie - 23. Dec 2008 at 06:23

It's so fabulous that your first novel is getting such kudos!!! But am I surprised....NO! LOL
Arlene - 23. Dec 2008 at 07:00

Barbara, I really can't wait to see where 2009 takes you. Very happy and not surprised to hear about Daisy.

Wishing you all a very merry xmas. Its been very crazy. Between snow so high I need skis to get out my front door, the back door is buried, and of course slapping out centerpieces galore, time is going by to fast to hop on line for long. Xmas day is gonna be sweet when it finally gets here.

Best wishes....a
Flick - 23. Dec 2008 at 07:17

Thank you!! Ooh snowed under literally and figuratively!! Throw one of those centre pieces my way, please!!
Laurie - 23. Dec 2008 at 16:08

Maybe Barbara's success will rub off on us and we can all have a successful 2009. It would be a great goal to shoot for.

Don't worry, Arlene. Christmas Day is almost here.
Dawn - 24. Dec 2008 at 05:02

Merry Christmas to all!

Look what's out! Whoo Hooo!

Dawn - 24. Dec 2008 at 05:04

Awesome on the recognition on your first novel, Barbara. I'm so excited for you. Wait till they read Strangers. You'll have em all worshipping at your feet.

Laurie - 24. Dec 2008 at 05:25

Oh, I sooo agree. STRANGERS will take them by Storm. hehe Love that pun.

I"ll have to go check out your link later, Dawn. I'm running late this morning.

Arlene, hang in there. Christmas is almost here!


Flick - 24. Dec 2008 at 09:23

Merry Christmas from me too!!!!
Arlene - 24. Dec 2008 at 09:24


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stealing my books

I just had a google alert tell me that there's a site out there where people are looking to download my books for free. One person asked if anyone had books 1 and 3 in the Trueblood series, The Consolation Prize and Lightning in a Bottle. The latter isn't even out yet. A whole load of people said thanks for the links.
I've seen lots of authors tearing their hair out over this illegal file sharing - after all, it is stealing. We get little enough for the hours we've spent writing the stories so for people to download them for free is very annoying. Of course, I'm happy that people want to read them but it isn't as if they're expensive to buy.
The site I was told about is apparently impossible to stop, yet it's linked to Yahoo which I find amazing. I didn't want to register on the site - dire warnings of trojans and viruses etc - so I have no way to contact them and ask them not to do this.
I don't suppose any of those people who take my stories without paying, will read this, but if you do, please reconsider. You wouldn't help yourself to something in a store without paying - so why steal my stories?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Business cards

Have you got them? How did you choose your design? Who do you give them to?

I've just ordered free ones - I'm cheap I know. Of course they're not exactly free by the time you pay the postage and tax but still cheap. When they arrive I'll probably see why!! I tried to pick ones that said something about me - sexy, gorgeous, brilliant - hey, I'm a writer, I can be what I want until I have to meet someone at a book signing!! The first one I picked had a gorgeous guy in a car - didn't work -I couldn't get all my details on. The second has diamonds on it - I went with that. The only diamonds I'll ever have. Now I soon will have 250 card smothered in them. But I've chosen another today with a mouth about to bite a strawberry. Yum. Now I just have to pluck up enough courage to hand one to somebody.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion- right? Of course they are.We all like to hear what people think about all sorts of things. That's conversation. We read opinions on blogs and websites. Well I do, especially now I have a few of my babies out there. Hundreds of pages of slogged over words available for 'strangers' to read, enjoy or dislike as the case may be.

I can take criticism. Hell, I had a mother who was an expert in dishing it out. I've saved every review I've found of my four (so far) books out there. Good and bad - doesn't matter. Spelling mistakes and getting the names wrong - doesn't matter. I've saved the lot. I want to print them out and put them in a little book of my own just to remind me that reviews are ONE person's opinion and they don't always get me.

What I don't understand are the rating systems some of the sites use. One that I know never seems to give anything less than 4 out of 5 - another gives so many 3s - labeled as mediocre, I wonder if they read the same book as me. Particularly when I saw one book given a 4 which was so bad, I couldn't finish it. I read a lot! At least seven books a week. On holiday - that might go up to 30. I know good from bad. I digress.
The reviews often say nothing negative and yet the score is still low. I've decided the rating idea is a bad one. What are readers expected to do? See a 3 and think - oh that's mediocre I won't bother? Or see an A+ and expect the most thrilling thing they ever read? Words are what matter - not numbers or letters. I wish some of these reviewers would take more time to say what they really think. Not hide behind a symbol. If you hate it - tell me why! Then I can see if its something I need to fix.