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Monday, February 9, 2009

Business cards

Have you got them? How did you choose your design? Who do you give them to?

I've just ordered free ones - I'm cheap I know. Of course they're not exactly free by the time you pay the postage and tax but still cheap. When they arrive I'll probably see why!! I tried to pick ones that said something about me - sexy, gorgeous, brilliant - hey, I'm a writer, I can be what I want until I have to meet someone at a book signing!! The first one I picked had a gorgeous guy in a car - didn't work -I couldn't get all my details on. The second has diamonds on it - I went with that. The only diamonds I'll ever have. Now I soon will have 250 card smothered in them. But I've chosen another today with a mouth about to bite a strawberry. Yum. Now I just have to pluck up enough courage to hand one to somebody.

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