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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back after Internet blackout.

If you've seen the before, here's the afters.

So now you know why I've been a busy girl and haven't had much time to chat.

Now, a big thank you to my peers for all the help you've given me and for keeping me sane during this uber stressful time. I didn't know how much I'd miss you until I couldn't connect. You all are lifelines and I can't begin to say how thankful I am to have such great peers and how great it is to be back.


Flick said...

Wow,Dawn. Well done. The new house looks great. All that hard work has paid off. Now it's time to enjoy it.

Laurie said...

Gorgeous, Dawn. Bet it feels great to see how great it turned out after all that work.

And yeah, we missed you too!

Frances said...


That is fabulous. May all of your happiest dreams fill your house until there is barely room to move more than to grin.

Frances Drake

Writing Science Fiction Romance
Real Love in a Real Future

Dawn said...

Thanks all. I letting it all sink in, enjoying every moment with my family.