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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Science Fiction.

Let’s open up a big, cliché can of worms.


This post was inspired by a recent pissing match I witnessed.

I write science fiction romance. What is acceptable material for science fiction? Is there a difference between “hard core” science fiction and “soft core”? Really, is there?

I think I've said it before. All science fact had to be proved at one time or another.
Go back to the 1700's and before we had aircraft. Think of the views of the people then. You'd have been burned at the stake for suggesting man could fly through the heavens or talk to someone across the seas or view them on a computer screen. Science is thinking outside the box, taking fantasy elements and if not proving them, giving a reasonable theory as to how it could work. It's making the impossible, possible.

You still with me?

I get so irritated with people who say "That's not possible, so it's not science fiction." I wonder what our ancestors would think of cell phones and planes? Gas engines and solar power?

All science starts in fantasy. That’s where its roots are.

Here’s an example: Who would have thought a person or object could be rendered invisible to the naked eye by bending electromagnetic energy? They're doing it now. Five, ten years ago, that was fantasy. The invisible girl in the fantastic four. Hogwarts Express. How many stories use invisibility???

Guess what? It's science. It's proven.

Writing Science Fiction is no different. There are two parts to that. Yes, science-proven theories and fiction. Bald face lying. Storytelling.

Bottom line, if science fiction read like science we'd be reading textbooks, not stories that compel us to keep turning the pages. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Time Travels as Beach Reads!

I was very enthused to get this link in my Science Fiction Romance Google alerts. These two Time Travels (*ahem* I count those as Sci-Fi) are being called juicy beach reads.

I checked out the blurbs and I agree they do sound enticing. At least one of these (THE GARGOYLE) is probably going to go into now my famous Leaning Tower of TBR.

Here's the link so you can check out the article yourself. http://www.projo.com/books/content/lb_beach_reads_08-19-08_1DB7HE8_v6.2833a8f.html

Friday, August 15, 2008

Polite behaviour

I know it's frowned on to use blogs to moan about agents, publishing companies, etc etc and I'm not getting at anyone in particular - (well I am, but I won't say who) but where has politeness gone? Why can't an enquiry by email be answered with a yeah or nay? Is it so difficult and time wasting to offer a polite reply to an enquiry? I know many agents etc get lots and lots of enquiries but I think it's so rude to not even give a response, particulary when you respond to a request they put out for something. This agent - who will remain anonymous because I'm not into getting at individuals - asked - no, pleaded on his-her blog for a certain type of story. I happen to have written what he-she asked for and sent a polite enquiry with the first three chapters and synopsis. I'd rather have had a brief - sorry, not for me - than to be ignored. This was the second time I had no response - different submission. I told myself the first time - well, he-she might not have got the email. Second time I realise it's the way he-she operates. It's arrogant and unpleasant and you know - I wouldn't want him-her as an agent. I don't care how many hundreds of emails he-she gets - it's easy to flip a reply back.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heads up.

Heads up Skiffy Rommers, Susan Grant's got a new book out in Feb of 2009.
'The Warlord's Daughter.'

Go here for a sneak peak at the cover. http://susangrant.blogspot.com
It's beautiful.