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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Collaboration

I recently had a revelation. My brother also writes. This was a huge surprise. I mean, you’d think two siblings would talk about the driving forces in their lives. Not always so, apparently. It took a family tragedy to get us talking.

And as we talked, an even bigger surprise followed—he writes Science Fiction with some decidedly male/female interaction. (Notice that I don’t call it “romance,” because, well you know, he’s a guy and there’s this stigma against guys writing romance.) Makes you wonder if there’s some sort of genetic connection to our writing compulsion, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s just the way our brains are wired, not just genetically, but since we were shaped by the same environmental factors in our formative years. I dunno. But I do find it, as Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

So after a deluge of emails back and forth, we decided we’re going to try our hand at collaborating on a series of short stories, and possibly a novel that he’s been working on for a number of years.

I thought this might make an intriguing series of posts for Take it to the Stars. I’ll keep you all informed about our progress. I’ll title these articles: The State of the Collaboration. Maybe Terry will even chime in with a post or two. And if we get to the point of publishing or e-publishing something, well, you’ll hear it here first. Deal?

*sticking figurative toe in figurative water*

This could be a blast. Or not.


Flick said...

I wish you luck with it, Laurie. Since my brother's interest is in decontamination of nuclear materials - I don't see any hope for me doing something with him. Though it does explain why he's a bit weird. That extra head gave it away. (Sorry Peter!)

Dawn said...

My brother isn't much into writing, but he does give me some great stuff. He has a creepy little hobby of going to haunted places and photographing ghosts, orbs, etc. etc. Stuff. He photographed what he thought was an old foundation, turned out to be a mine that was sealed off back in the 1800's. Anywho, the photo is of a blood red fog and you can count about 13 faces in it. Skulls, eyes, mouths. He told me he didn't see it till he got home and put it on the computer, then he almost fell out of his seat. Yeah, that was my reaction when I first saw it.
Last time I visited he wanted me to go out on one of his excursions. Uh, no thank you. I'll stick to writing the creepy stuff. I'd rather not experience it first hand.
I think this is great, Laurie. As I've told you before, I can't wait to see it.